Biology Class 9 0 To 20

Biology Class 9th

1. Biology is the science of ____

A) Non living

B) Life

C) Dead

D) None of these

2. ____ is the founder of biology.

A) Arstotle

B) Linneaus

C) Einstein

D) None of these

3. Biology has ____ main division

A) Two

B) Three

C) Four

D) Five

4. Biology is the art of life.

A) True

B) False

5. Botany is the study of ____

A) Animals

B) Plants

C) Life

D) None of these

6. Zoology is the study of ____

A) Animals.

B) Wild life

C) Plants

D) Life

7. Viruses are ____

A) Plants

B) Animals

C) Microorganism

D) None of these

8. _____ is the study of form, structure and shape of organism.

A) Anatomy

B) Morphology

C) Histology

D) None of these

9. _____ is the study of internal structure of organism.

A) Morphology

B) Histology

C) Taxonomy

D) Anatomy

10. The study of the composition, structure and function of plant and animal tissues is called _____.

A) Histology

B) Anatomy

C) Morphology

D) None of these

11. The study of classification of organism and their scientific name is called ___

A) Anatomy

B) Taxonomy

C) Physiology

D) None of these

12. ____ is the study of cells.

A) Histology

B) Embryology

C) Cytology

D) None of these

13. The study of fossil of past organism is called _____

A) Cytology

B) Morphology

C) Anatomy

D) Palaeontology

14. The study of fossil of plants is called ___

A) Palaeontology

B) Paleobotany

C) Paleozoology

D) None of these

15. The study of fossil of animals is called ___

A) Paleozoology

B) Paleobotany

C) Palaeontology

D) None of these

16. The study of insects is called ____

A) Immunology

B) Entomology

C) Genetics

D) None of these

17. The study of transmission of characters from parents to off spring is called ____

A) Biotechnology

B) Genetics

C) Entomology

D) None of these

18. Photosynthesis follows the law of ___ during the absorption of light.

A) Physiology

B) Physics

C) Maths

D) None of these

19. ____ in 1868 classified all living organism into five categories.

A) Robert Bon

B) Robert Whittaker

C) Aristotle

D) Newton

20. All the unicellular and microscopic organism are included in kingdom_____

A) Prokaryotae

B) Monera

C) Protista

D) Both A & B

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