Biology Class 9th

121. The correct sequence of hierarchy from smaller to larger units is:

A) Genus-family-order-class.

B) Family-order-class-genus

C) Genus-family-class-order

D) Species-family-genus-class

122. The kingdom which contain eukaryotic, autotrophic organisms is called ___

A) Protista

B) Monera

C) Fungi

D) None of these.

123. Which of the following kingdoms possess the simplest organism.

A) Fungi

B) Monera.

C) Protista

D) Plantae

124. What is binomial nomenclature?

A) Classifying organisms on seven level

B) Naming system developed by Aristotle

C) Grouping animals based on their habitat

D) Naming system in which each organism is given a two part name.

125. Which one may be the correct way of writing scientific name of an organism?

A) Canis lupus

B) Saccharum

C) Giant’s gazelle

D) Escherichia coli.

126. Which kingdom include organism with cell wall but without chlorophyll

A) Protista

B) Fungi.

C) Plantae

D) Animalia

127. Maximum biodiversity is found in:

A) Forests.

B) Grasslands

C) Deserts

D) Mountain

128. _____ is the structural and functional unit of living organism.

A) Tissue

B) Cell.

C) Organs

D) None of these

129. The use of microscope is known as _____

A) Micro

B) Micro copy

C) Microscopy.

D) None of these

130. The first microscope was developed by _____

A) Zacharias Janssen.  

B) Aristotle  

C) Bu Ali  sina  

D) None of these 


131. ______ was the first to see and describe bacteria in drop of water

A) Leeuwenhoek.

B) Janssen

C) Aristotle

D) None of these

132. The resolution of microscope is greater than eyes.

A) True.

B) False

133. The magnification of light microscope is ____

A) 1500X.

B) 1600X

C) 1200X

D) 1400X

134. The resolving power of light microscope is____

A) 0.2 mm.

B) 0.1 mm

C) 0.3 mm

D) 0.02 mm

135. Light microscope cannot distinguish objects smaller than 0.2 micrometer.

A) True.

B) False

136. The resolving power of electron microscope is greater than light microscope.

A) True.

B) False

137. Transmission electron microscope can magnify objects about ______ times.

A) 240,000

B) 250,000.

C) 210,000

D) 220,000

138. Light microscope use ____ lenses.

A) Magnetic

B) Optical.

C) None of these

139. Electron microscope use _____ lenses.

A) Optical

B) Magnetic.

C) None of these

140. _____ was the first person who observe the cells with microscope.

A) Leeuwenhoek

B) Robert Hooke.

C) Robert turner

D) None of these