Biology Class 9th

161. Our Eyes can differentiate between two points at least ______ apart.

A) 0.2 mm

B) 0.002 mm

C) 0.1mm

D) none of the above

162. Resolution of Microscope is ________ than eye.

A) Equal

B) Lesser


163. Light Microscope uses ________ to make image of object.

A) Electricity

B) Light

C) Thermal Energy

D) Radiation.

164. There are basic _______ types of microscope.

A) One

B) Two

C) Three

D) Five

165. The Magnification of light microscope is _________.

A) 1500x

B) 1200x



166. ____________ has resolving power of 0.2 micrometer.

A) Electron

B) Compound

C) Light

D) none of the above.

167. In electron microscope a beam of ________ is used.

A) Light

B) Protons

C) Neutrons

D) Electrons

168. ____________ Lens focus electron beam on screen.

A) Polarized

B) Convex

C) Magnetic

D) Concave

169. Resolving power of Electron Microscope is ________ than Light microscope.

A) Equal

B) Lesser

C) Greater

170. Electron Microscope can distinguish between two objects ________ apart.

A)  0.2 nm

B) 0.2mm


D) 0.2cm

171. There are _________ types of electron microscopes.

A) One

B) Two

C) Three

D) Four

172. Transmission Electron Microscope is used to view ________ cell structure.

A) Internal

B) External

C) Both A and B

D) None

173. TEM can magnify objects upto:

A) 250000 times

B) 200000 times

C) 220000 times

D) None.

174. SEM is used to study:

A) Detailed surfaces of cells

B) Internal structure of Bodies

C) A and B

D) None

175. Resolution of Light Microscope is ________ times greater than Eye.

A) 100

B) 150

C) 200

D) 500

176. Magnification of Electron Microscope is _______ times greater than Light Microscope.

A) 50

B) 60

C) 75

D) 100.

177. SEM shows _________ images.

A) Real

B) Inverted

C) 2D

D) 3D

178. Robert Hooke was a __________ scientist.

A) French

B) English

C) Polish

D) Dutch

179. Robert Hooke used his microscope to study:

A) Animal Cells

B) Plant Cells

C) Bone Cells

D) Cork Cells.

180. Anton van Leewenhoek magnified pond water ______ times.

A) 100

B) 150

C) 200

D) 300