Biology Class 9th

181. The first person to see unicellular organisms was:

A) Robert Brown

B) Anton Van Leewenhoek

C) Robert Hooke

D) Lamrack

182. Who described Nucleus as a spherical body in plant cell?

A) Robert Hooke

B) Robert Brown

C) Jean Baptist

D) None of the above.

183. __________ purposed that living things are made up of cells

A) Schwann

B) Scleiden

C) Both A and B

D) None

184. Czech Scientist, Jan Evangelista Purkinie gave the name_______ to fluid substance in plant.

A) Mitochondria

B) Protoplasm

C) Cell Wall

D) Blood Plasma

185. “Every Cell comes from a Cell” stated by:

A) Robert Hooke

B) Jan Evangelista

C)  Virchow

D) Robert Hooke.

186. New Cells arise from:

A) Currently existing Cells

B) Pre existing Cells

C) Water

D) Dead Organisms.

187. Which of the following are Characteristics of Viruses:

A) Crystalline in nature.

B) Can increase in number

C) Can transmit characteristics to next generation

D)  All of the above

188. Cell wall is present in all of the below except:

A) Plants

B) Fungi

C) Animal

D) Protists.

189. Cell wall is located outside of:

A) Mitochondria

B) Cell Membrane

C) Ribosome

D) None

190. Living matter of cell is called:

A) Nucleus

B) Protoplasm

C) Cell Wall

D) Cell Membrane

191. Plant’s primary cell wall is made up of:

A) Cellulose

B) Lignin

C) Pectin

D) None

192. Cell wall of Prokaryotes is made up of ________.

A) Cellulose

B) Amino acid

C) Lignin

D) Murein

193. Murein is made up of :

A) Amino Acid

B) Sugar

C) Both A and B

D) Pectin

194. The Cell wall of ________ is made up of Chitin.

A) Plant

B) Animals

C) Fungi

D) None

195. Cell Membrane is the outer most component of _______ cell.

A) Fungi

B) Animal

C) Plant

D) None of the above.

196. Cellulose fibers are present in which pattern?

A) Straight

B) Paired

C) Zigzag

D) Crisscross.

197. Cell Membrane is _________ Permeable.

A) Semi

B) Fully

C) Selectively

D) Non

198. Cell Membrane is responsible for:

A) Growth of Cell

B) Exchange of Material throughout cell.

C) Energy Production

D) Respiration

199. Cell Membrane acts as a receptor site for recognizing _____________.

A) Hormones

B) Neurotransmitters

C) Other Chemicals in organism

D)  All of the Above

200. Fluid Mosaic Model was presented by:

A) Singer

B) Nicolson

C) Robert Brown

D) A and B