Biology Class 9th

201. Cell Membrane consists of _______ bi-layer.

A) Protein

B) Carbohydrate

C) Lipid

D) Glycoprotein

202. Aqueous substance containing a variety of cell organelles and other substance such as waste

A) Protoplasm

B) Cytoplasm

C) Lipid Bi-layer

D) None of the above.

203. Main Purpose of Endoplasmic Reticulum is:

A) Transport Material

B) Respiration

C) Lipid Formation

D) Chemical Exchange

204. SER is non granular because:

A) Ribosome are attached to it’s Surface

B)  Flatten Sacs are attached to it

C) None of the Above

D) All of the Above.

205. SER serves purpose of :

A) Transportation of Material

B) Lipid Production

C) A and B

D) None

206. Ribosome serves purpose of ________.

A) Protein Production

B) Lipid Production

C) Carbohydrates

D) None of the Above.

207. Golgi Apparatus is set of ___________.

A) Ribosome

B) Sacs of Cisternae

C) Endoplasmic Reticulum

D) None of the Above

208. Golgi Apparatus functions as:

A) Store Secretion

B) Protein Production

C) Lipid Production

D) Energy Production

209. Golgi was awarded Nobel Prize in ________.

A) 1905

B) 1906

C) 1903

D) 1902

210. Mitochondria is absent in ________.

A) Animals

B) Prokaryotes

C) Plants

D) None of the Above.

211. Energy Production is done by :

A) Mitochondria

B) Ribosome

C) Nucleus

D) Golgi Apparatus

212. Mitochondria are a __________ membrane organelle.

A) Single

B) Double

C) Triple

D) Non Membrane

213. The internal folding of Mitochondria is known as

A) Golgi Apparatus

B) Ribosome

C) Cristae

D) Matrix

214. Purpose of Cristae is:

A) Increasing Surface area of Mitochondria for Energy Production

B) Exchange of Material

C) Protein Production

D) None of the Above.

215. ______________ is the powerhouse of the cell.

A) Ribosome

B) Cytoplasm

C) Cell Wall

D) Mitochondria

216. Energy is produced in the form:



C) Protein

D) None of the above.

217. Liver has __________ mitochondria

A) 1000

B) <1000


218. Which of the following has least active cells

A) Heart

B) Liver

C) Earlobes

D) Brain

219. Ribosome are produced by:

A) Nucleus

B) Cell wall

C) Cytoplasm

D) Protoplasm

220. Eukaryotic Ribosome are __________ than prokaryotic ribosome.

A) Smaller

B) Same Size

C) Larger

D) Prokaryotes don’t have ribosome.