Biology Class 9th

221. Ribosome is involved in __________.

A) Lipid Production

B) Energy Production

C) Protein Production

D) Exchange of Material Across the cell.

222. Membrane bounded organelles containing pigment:

A) Plastid

B) Ribosome

C) Cell Wall

D) Mitochondria

223. Plastids are only present in __________.

A) Animals

B) Plants

C) Fungi

D) Bacteria

224. Most abundant Plastid is:

A) Chloroplast.

B) Chromoplast

C) Leucoplast

D) None

225. Chloroplast contain which pigment:

A) Green

B) Yellow

C) Colourless

226. Inner membrane of Chloroplast gives rise to sacs called __________.

A) Thylakoids

B) Cristae

C) Granum

227. Thylakoids contain:

A) Stroma

B) Chlorophyll

C) Matrix

D) All of the Above

228. Colours other than green in plants is due to:

A) Chloroplast

B) Chromoplast

C) Leucoplast

D) All of the above.

229. Ripened Fruits contain which of the following pigment:

A) Chloroplast

B) Chromoplast

C) Leucoplast

D) None of the above

230. Which of the following plastid promotes Pollination

A) Chromoplast

B) Chloroplast

C) Leucoplast

D) All of the above

231. Leucoplast are :

A) Brightly coloured 

B) Colourless

C) Green Coloured

D) None of the above

232. Leucoplast is usually present in:

A) Green Leaves.

B) Flower petals

C) Tree Sap

D) Roots

233. Microtubules is made up of:

A) Pectin

B) Tubulin

C) Actin

D) None of the Above.

234. Microfilament is used by cell for:

A) Produce Energy.

B) Hold Shape

C) Change Shape

D) Both B and C

235. Hollow and Cylindrical organelle present in cell:

A) Centriole

B) Mitochondria

C) Golgi Apparatus

D) Micro Filament

236. Function of Centriole is :

A) Forming Spindle Fiber During Cell Division

B) Chromosome Movement in cell division

C) Shape holding of cell.

D) Protein Synthesis

237. Vacuole is fluid filled sac bounded by a single membrane called _________.

A) Tonoplast

B) Cell Membrane

C) Plasma membrane

D) Cell wall

238. Turgidity of cell is due to:

A) Cytoplasm

B) Vacuole

C) Water

D) Cell Wall

239. Lysosomes contain_________.

A) Colourless Pigment

B) Green Pigment

C) Waste and Excretions

D) Digestive Enzymes

240. The Most Visible part of cell is :

A) Cell Wall

B) Large Vacuole

C) Nucleus

D) Cytoskeleton