Biology Class 9th

261. Which of the following is done by Turgor Pressure in plants:

A) Role in Maintaining the shape of the plant.

B) Provides support to the plant especially young tissues

C) Helps in Opening and Closing of Stomata.

D) All of the Above.

262. When a Plasmolysed cell is placed in Hypotonic solution it will:

A) Shrink in Size.

B) Remain Same

C) Rupture

D) Restore its turgidity .

263. Nerve Impulse is carried out when _____ is actively transported across the membrane from nerve cell to outside.

A)  Na+

B) K+

C) Cl-

D) None of the Above.

264. The Process of bringing small cells into a cell is known as:

A) Exocytosis

B) Active Transport

C) Endocytosis

D) None of the Above

265. The Process of cellular eating is:

A) Phagocytosis

B) Pinocythosis

C) Exocytosis

D) Mitosis 

266. The Process of packaging material into vesicles and excretion from cell is called as:

A) Exocythosis

B) Endocythosis

C) Golgi Appartus.

D) None of the above.

267. Pushing small molecules by force of hydrostatics pressure through permeable membrane:

A) Reverse Osmosis

B) Filtration

C) Diffusion

D) Active Transport.

268. In our body filtration occurs in which of the following organ:

A) Liver

B) Bile gladder

C) Pancreas

D) Kidneys.

269. A Collection of cells that perform similar task is called as:

A) Organ

B) Tissue

C) Muscle

D) Organelles.

270. Which of the following cells perform similar tasks, but do not make tissues:

A) Nerve Cells

B) Bone Cells

C) Volvox

D) Meristimatic Cells

271. Plant tissues can be classified into______ major groups.

A) 1

B) 2

C) 3

D) 4

272. The Cells having ability to divide and Produce new cells:

A) Meristimatic Cells

B) Permanent Cells

C) Both A and B

D) None of the Above

273. Which of the following is the characteristic of Meristimatic Cells:

A) Dense Cytoplasm

B) Large Nucleus

C) Small or No Vacuoles

D) All of the Above.

274. Apical Meristem allow elongation of:

A) Stems

B) Roots

C) Leaves

D) Both A and B

275. Epidermal Tissues is found at Protective covering of :

A) Leaf

B) Stem

C) Roots

D) All of the Above.

276. Which of the Following is not Characteristic of Epidermal tissues:

A) Thick Walled

B) Packed With Intercellular spaces.

C) Flattened

D) Irregular Shape

277. Epidermal tissues have small guarded openings called ________ for gaseous exchange.

A) Storma

B) Stomata

C) Cuticles

D) Guard Cells.

278. Ground Tissue is composed of thin walled cells known as:

A) Mesophyll

B) Sclerchyma

C) Chollenchyma

D) Parenchyma

279. Mesophyll Tissues is responsible for:

A) Gaseous Exchange

B) Transpiration

C) Preparation of Food

D) Structure of plant

280. Collenchyma Tissue is found in:

A) Young Roots

B) Young Stems

C) Leaves

D)  Old Stem.