Biology Class 9th

361. Mitochondrial Enzymes is an example of:

A) Intercellular Enzymes

B) Intracellular Enzymes

C) Extracellular Enzymes .

362. Poisons and drugs are examples of:

A) Co-Enzymes

B) Enzyme Inhibitors.

C) Prosthetic Groups

D) Activators.

363. Pepsin enzyme works in:

A) Liver

B) Stomach Cavity

C) Mouth

D) Small Intestines

364. Enzymes work as:

A) Altogether as a Group

B) Separately

C) In a sequence

D) None of the above.

365. Some Enzymes require non protein molecules called:

A) Co-factors

B)  Enzyme Inhibitors

C) Substrates

D) All of the above.

366. Which of the following is type of Co-factor:

A) Prosthetic groups

B) Coenzymes

C) Activators

D) All of the above

367. Organic Molecules that are permanently attached to the enzyme:

A) Coenzymes

B) Activators

C)  Prosthetic group

D) Inhibitors.

368. Vitamins are a type of _________.

A) Coenzymes

B) Activators

C) Prosthetic group

D) Inhibitors.

369. Zinc, Copper and Iron are examples of

A) Prosthetic Group

B) Coenzymes

C) Activators

D) none of the above.

370. Strawberries, Blueberries and blackberries are a good source of:

A) Iron

B) Calcium

C) Magnesium

D) Manganese

371. Manganese is an activator for synthesis of following except:

A) Biotin

B) Thiamine

C) Vitamin B

D) Choline

372. The Enzyme Protease speeds up the digestion of:

A) Protein

B) Starch

C) Lipids

D) Cellulose.

373. Amylase is responsible for digestion of:

A) Amino Groups

B) Starch

C) Cellulose

D) None of the above.

374. The small portion of enzyme that is involved in Catalysis is called:

A) Catalytic Site

B) Chemical Site

C) Active Site

D) None of the above.

375. Lock and Key model was presented by:

A) Emil Fischer

B) Daniel Koshland

C)  Wimhelm Kuhne

D) None of the above

376. According to Lock and Key Model, Enzyme is the:

A) Key

B) Lock

C) Complex

D) None of the Above

377. Lock and Key model was presented in:

A) 1895

B) 1894

C) 1836


378. Induced Fit Model was presented in:

A) 1894

B) 1957

C) 1895

D) 1958

379. Induced fit Model was presented by:

A) Daniel Koshland

B) Emil Fischer

C) Robert Brownb

D) Steve Johnson

380. Which of the following is factors that affect the rate of enzyme action.

A) Effect of Temperature on Enzyme activity.

B) Effect of pH

C) Effect of Concentration of Substrate

D) All of the Above