Biology Class 9th

61. Ms.Aisha was busy in dissecting and analysing the heart of frog .probably she is a :

A) Cell biologist

B) Tax0nomist

C) Histologist

D) Palaeontologist

62.How many peoples get lung cancer by smoking? This question can be answered through:

A) Biometry

B) Biophysics

C) Bio-economics

D) Biogeography

63. Al –Qanun fill –Tibb is the famous book of:

A) Bu Ali sina

B) Jabir Bin Hayyan

C) Abdul Malik Aasmai

D) Ibn Nafees

64. One of the following contain large number of cells but not multicellular :

A) Frog

B) Volvox

C) Mushroom

D) Chlamydomonas

65. The level of organization which is represented by the heart of frog is:

A) Organ

B) Tissue

C) Organism

D) Organelle

66. One of the following is not macro molecule:

A) Glucose

B) Sucrose

C) Fatty acid

D) Protein

67. “ The number of the plants in desert are scarce” .This could be the statement of:

A) Palaeontologist

B) Social biologist

C) Biogeography

D) Taxonomist

68. Which bio-element makes most of the composition of organism’s body?

A) Hydrogen

B) Carbon

C) Oxygen

D) Nitrogen

69. Which of the cellular organization represent Volvox?

A) Unicellular

B) Multicellular

C) Cellular

D) Colonial

70. A good hypothesis is based on the observation of biologist.

A) True

B) False

71. The logical consequences of the hypothesis are called ____

A) Observation

B) Experiment

C) Deduction

D) None of these

72. _____ help the biologist to do experiments.

A) Hypothesis

B) Deduction 

C) Theory

D) None of these

73. In human history malaria has killed more people than any other disease.

A) True

B) False

74. Malaria mean ___________

A) Smell

B) Bad air

C) Humid air

D) Fresh air

75. Plasmodium was the discovery of ____

A) Laveran

B) Aristotle

C) Einstein

76. _____ is the cause of Malaria

A) Plasmodium

B) Bacteria

C) Fungi

D) Virus

77. “Plasmodium is transmitted by the mosquito” was put forward by ____

A) Albert Freeman

B) Bu Ali sina

C) Ib-e-Sina

D) Einstein

78. If a theory is proved again and again, it Is called _____

A) Law

B) Hypothesis

C) Deduction

D) None of these

79. When a hypothesis is proved again and again, it is called ____

A) Law

B) Theory

C) Deduction

D) None of these

80. The scientific method has ____ steps.

A) Two

B) Three

C) Four

D) Five