Chemistry Class 10th

121. As the no of carbon atoms increase, the no of isomers _______.

A) Remain Constant

B) Increase

C) Decrease

D) Cannot be determined

122. Organic Compounds are usually ______ in nature.

A) Bipolar

B) Polar

C) Non Polar

D) Changing Polarity

123. Organic compound ionize in water.

A) True

B) False

124. Organic Compounds have low _______.

A) Melting Point

B) Boiling Point

C) Freezing Point

D) Both A and B

125. Organic compounds are thermally _________.

A) Stable

B) Unstable

C) Stable but only to a point

D) Depends on the compound

126. Organic compounds are ________.

A) Fire Promoted

B) Flammable

C) Explosive

D) None of the above

127. Reaction time of Organic compound is:

A) Low

B) Moderate

C) High

D) Depends on the compound

128. The reaction time of Organic compounds is ________ than inorganic compounds.

A) Lower

B) Equal

C) Greater

D) Depends on the compounds

129. Fossil fuels are formed under:

A) Pressure

B) Heat

C) Anaerobic Decomposition

D) All of the above

130. Coal is a ________ coloured material.

A) Blue

B) Black

C) Blackish Brown

D) Yellow and Brown

131. Heating of coal in absence of air is called:

A) Isomeriztion

B) Carbonization

C) Catenation

D) Non of the above

132. Which of the following is the product is carbonization:

A) Coal Gas

B) Coke

C) Coal Tar

D) All of the above

133. Word Petroleum is combination of two _____ words.

A) Greek

B) Latin

C) French

D) Russian

134. Following are the other names of petroleum except:

A) Mineral Oil

B) Essential Oil

C) Crude Oil

D) Liquid Gold

135. Mixture of low molecular mass hydrocarbons:

A) Coal

B) Natural Gas

C) Petroleum

D) None of the above

136. The Natural Gas is found in which area of Pakistan:

A) Okara

B) Turbat

C) Gwadder

D) Sui

137. The compounds obtained from plants are called as:

A) Vegan Products

B) Organic Matter

C) Natural Products

D) None of the above

138. Upto______ century, it was believed that plants and animals can only produce organic matter.

A) 18

B) 19

C) 17

D) 16

139. Fridrich Wohler was the first person to prepare:

A) Alcohol

B) Urea

C) Formic Acid

D) Ether

140. Hydrocarbons having a single covalent bond are called as:

A) Alkanes

B) Alkenese

C) Alkynes

D) None of the above