Chemistry Class 10th

141. Paraffins are also called as:

A) Interjection

B) Conjunction

C) Pronoun

D) Noun

142. Parrafins are is derived from Latin word, meaning:

A) Heavy

B) Light Weight

C) Light Affinity

D) None of the above

143. Alkanes are generally less reactive:

A) True

B) False

144. Organic compounds that differ by –CH2- is referred as:

A) Heterogeneous Group

B) Homogenous  Group

C) Homogenous Series

D) Hydrocarbon series

145. Each member of homogenous series is called as:

A) Hydrocarbon

B) Homologue

C) Both A and B

D) None of the above

146. Which of the following the characteristic of a Homogenous series:

A) They have Same General Formula

B) They have same chemical properties

C) They have similar production methods

D) All of the above

147. Alkyl Molecule is formed by:

A) Removal of a Hydrogen atom from alkane

B) Addition of a Hydrogen atom to alkane

C) Removal of Carbon Atom from Alkane

D) Addition of Carbon atom to Alkane

148. The Functional group of Alcohol is:


B) –OH

C) –CO-

D) –X

149. –O- is the functional group of:

A) Alcohol

B) Ketones

C) Aldehydes

D) Ethers

150. Carbonyl Carbon is the functional group of:

A) Alcohols

B) Ethers

C) Carboxylic Acid

D) Aldehydes

151. Organic Compounds having Nitrogen as the functional group:

A) Alkyl Halide

B) Amines

C) Alcohols

D) Aldehydes

152. The compounds C6H12 must have:

A) All single bonds

B) At least one  double bond

C) At least one triple bond

D) All double bonds

153. Which of the following is an inorganic compound:

A) CH4



D) CH3Cl

154. Alkyl Halid is composed of carbon, hydrogen and

A) Oxygen

B) Nitrogen

C) Halogen

D) Sulphur

155. Unsaturated Hydrocarbon is:

A) C3H8

B) C2H6

C) C3H6


156. Natural gas Is composed of:

A) CH4

B) C2H8

C) C2H6

D) C2H

157. Catenation is linkage of carbon with other:

A) Oxygen Atom

B) Carbon Atoms

C) Nitrogen  Atoms

D) Halogens

158. Oxygen is attached on both side to carbon atom in:

A) Alcohol

B) Ketone

C) Aldehyde

D) Ether

159. The Hydrocarbons are the ________ type of organic compounds

A) Simplest

B) Complex

C) Largest

D) None of the above

160. Hydrocarbons are composed of:

A) Carbon

B) Hydrogen

C) Oxygen

D) A and B