Chemistry Class 10th

161. Scientists classify Hydrocarbons into 2 types:

A) True

B) False

162. Saturated Hydrocarbons are called:

A) Alkanes

B) Alkenes

C) Alkynes

D) None of the above

163. Alkanes that do not have ring have general formula of CnH2n+2:

A) True

B) False

164. An Alkane in the shape of ring is called:

A) Acyclic hydrocarbons

B) Cycloalkanes

C) Cyclic Alkanes

D) Aldehydes

165. C3H8 is the general formula of:

A) Methane

B) Ethane

C) Propane

D) Pentane

166. The naming of organic compounds before ______ was based on the common system.

A) 1947

B) 1935

C) 1934

D) 1973

167. The reaction in which an atom or group are atoms are added to compound that has a double or triple is called :

A) Additional Reaction

B) Sublimation reaction

C) Redox Reaction

D) Distillation

168. Hydrogenation process takes place in the presence of:

A) Nickel

B) Chromium

C) Silver

D) Platinum

169. Hydrogenation takes place at:

A) 50-100⁰ C

B) 100- 150⁰C

C) 250-300⁰C

D) 300-400⁰C

170. Reduction involves:

A) Addition of Hydrogen

B) Removal of Halogen

C) Addition of Oxygen

D) Both A and B

171. The first four alkanes members are:

A) Liquid

B) Gases

C) Solids

D) Volatile Solids

172. Higher members of the alkane family are:

A) Gases

B) Colourless Liquids

C) Solids

D) Volatile Solids

173. Alkanes are non polar:

A) True

B) False

174. Alkanes can be dissolved in the following except:

A) Benzene

B) Universal Solvent Water

C) Acetone

D) Ether

175. As we move higher in the Alkanes, the melting and boiling points ________ .

A) Remain Same

B) Increase

C) Decrease

D) Decrease but increase rapidly

176. Nascent means:

A) Florissant

B) Glowing

C) Newly made

D) Reactive

177. The density of alkanes ________ as we go up in the alkane family.

A) Remains same

B) Decreases

C) Increases

D)  Varies according to the conditions

178. Alkanes are flammable:

A) True

B) False

179. Alkanes are generally _______.

A) Reactive

B) Partially reactive

C) Selectively Reactive

D) Un reactive

180. Process of changing of functional group of a compound is called:

A) Condensation

B) Sublimation

C) Reduction

D) Addition