Chemistry Class 10th

281. Which of the following is not a Fat Soluble Vitamin:

A) A

B) D

C) C

D) K

282. Which of the following Is a water soluble Vitamin:

A) A

B) D

C) C

D) K

283. Deficency of which of the following leads to night blindness:

A) Vit A

B) Vit B

C) Vit D

D) Vit K

284. Vitamin E is important for:

A) Bones and Teeth

B) Antioxidant

C) Blood Vessels

D) Clotting of Blood

285. Which of the following is a dissacride:

A) Glucose

B) Fructose

C) Sucrose

D) Starch

286. A large number of amino acids polymerizes into:

A) Vitamins

B) Carbohydrates

C) Proteins

D) Lipids

287. Glycogen is an example of :

A) Fats

B) Nucleic Acids

C) Carbohydrates

D) Proteins

288. Deficiency of Vitamin A causes:

A) Scurvy

B) Rickets

C) Night Blindness

D) Aging

289. The compound that is found in every living thing and serves the purpose of information.

A) Protein

B) Lipids


D) Glucose

290. Triglycerides are building blocks of:

A) Proteins

B) Amino Acids

C) Lipid

D) Vitamins

291. Sugars are poly hydroxyl derivatives of :

A) Alkyl Halides

B) Aldehydes

C) Ketone

D) Aldehyde and Ketones

292. Peptide linkage is present in:

A) Carbohydrates

B) Lipids

C) Proteins

D) Vitamins

293. Plants convert glucose into:

A) Amino Acids

B) Lipids

C) Proteins

D) Starch

294. All are present in DNA except:

A) Deoxyribose Sugar

B) Ribose Sugar

C) Nitrogenous Base

D) Phosphate Unit

295. About ______ years ago, earth was a hot mass that could not sustain life.

A) 20 Million

B) 1 Billion

C) 3 Billion

D) 4.5 Billion

296. The Earth consists of ______ natural systems.

A) One

B) Two

C) Three

D) Four

297. A thick blanket of air and gases that goes around the earth:

A) Geosphere


C) Atmosphere

D) Biosphere

298. The Major Components of Atmosphere are:

A) N2

B) O2

C) CO2

D) NO2 and O2

299. Increase in altitude causes ______ in atmosphere.

A) Increase

B) Decrease

C) Remains Same

D) Varies from place to place

300. The mass of _______ is 4.5x 10 15 Metric Tonnes

A) Geosphere

B) Hydrosphere

C) Atmosphere

D) Biosphere