Chemistry Class 10th

341. Ozone is an _______ form of Oxygen.

A) Allotrope

B) Isotope

C) complex

D) None of the above

342. Ozone was discovered by:

A) Meisher

B) Schonbein

C)  Fleming

D) Fisher

343. Ozone was discovered in the year of:

A) 1999

B) 1913

C) 1854

D) 1840

344. Electrical Discharge in air produces:

A) NOx

B) Sox

C) Ozone

D) Carbon monoxide

345. The Word ozone is derived from _______ Language.

A) Russian

B) Greek

C) Latin

D) None of the above

346. The Molecular formula of Ozone is:

A) OH2

B) O1

C) O2

D) O

347. The molar mass of Ozone is:

A) 8

B) 16

C) 48

D) 32

348. The Colour of Ozone is:

A) Blue

B) Black

C) Brown

D) Transparent

349. Ozone is also present in the lower part of ________, called as ozonosphere.

A) Stratosphere

B) Mesosphere

C) Thermosphere

D) None of the above

350. Lighting strikes produce:

A) CO2


C) O3

D) NOx

351. The area where Ozone is depleted is called:

A) Ozone Hole

B) Ozone Whirlpool

C) Ozone Gap

D) None of the above

352. The major reason for the depletion of Ozone is:

A) Carbon Dioxide


C) Carbon Monoxide

D) NOx

353. The increase in the global temperature is called as:

A) Green house effect

B) Heating Effect

C) Global Warming

D) Temperature Boom

354. Which of the following is not a Greenhouse Gas:

A) CO2

B) O2



355. Ozone is present in:

A) Mesosphere

B) Thermosphere

C) Stratosphere

D) Troposphere

356. All are pollutants, except:

A) NO2

B) N2

C) SO2

D) SO3

357. Which of the following is responsible for Global Warming?

A) Increase in N­2

B) Increase in CO2

C) Increase in O2

D) Increase in O3

358. The pH of acid rain is less than:

A) 13.6

B) 10.6

C) 7.6

D) 5.6

359. The Coldest region I the atmosphere is:

A) Troposphere

B) Stratosphere

C) Mesosphere

D) Thermosphere

360. Ozone is formed in the presence of UV rays from:

A) O and O

B) O2 and O

C) O2 and O2

D) O2 and  O3