Chemistry Class 9th

141- Mole is represented by

A) M

B) N

C) mol

142- Mole forms link between mass of substance and

A. Mole

B) Gram


143- Mass of atom is expressed in

A. Gram

B) Atomic mass unit

C) mol

144- Atomic mass of carbon is

A. 11g

B) 12 amu

C) None of these

145- 1 mole of water is equal to

A. 18 g

B) 16g

C) 20g

146- When reletavie atomic mass expressed in grams then it is called

A. amu

B) atomic mass

C) gram atomic mass

147- 1g atom of hydrogen is equal to

A. 1.008 g hydrogen

B) 1 mol of hydrogen

C) both a and b

148- When molecular mass expressed in grams then it is called

A. Atomic mass

B) Gram molecule

C) Gram atom

149-When formula mass expressed in grams then it is called

A) Fromula mass

B) Gram formula

C) None

150-What is correct formula for calculating no. of moles

A) n= given mass in grams / molar mass

B) n= given mass × molar mass

C) none of these

151- No. of moles in 60g of CO2 is?

A) Wrong

B) Good

C) Correct

D) Both A & C

152-Correct formula to calculate no. of particles is

A) n= mass/ molar mass

B) No. of particles = n × NA

C) Both a and b

153-Which of the following is homogenous mixture

A) Milk

B) Air

C) Water

154-The gram molecular mass of HCl is

A) 35

B) 36.5

C) 30

155-1mole of H2SO4 is equal to

A) 89g

B) 98g

C) 80g

156- 1st idea of division of matter is given by

A) Boher

B) Rutherfoard

C) Democritus

157-Atom is derived from --------- word Atomos

A) Italian

B) Greek

C) None of these

158- Atomos means

A) Divisible

B) Indivisible

C) Free

159- The word atom was used in

A) 200 B.C.

B) 300 B.C.

C) 400B.C

160- Atom is an -------- particle

A) Indivisible

B) Divisible 

C) Both