English Class 4th

101. The Polar bear’s very thick coat of hair helps to keep it warm:

A) True

B) False

102. The Polar bear never hunts alone.

A) True

B) False

103. Fish and Seals are not the main source of the Polar bear:

A) True

B) False

104. Polar bears have bumps on their paws for grip:

A)  True

B) False

105. The Polar Bear can live in the zoo for:

A) 15 years

B) 25 years

C) 28 years

D) 41 years

106. The Polar bears learn how to hunt from:

A) Watching their mother

B) Self teaching

C) Instinct

D) None of the above

107. The words that describe a noun:

A) Adjective

B) Adverb

C) Pronoun

D) Helping Verb

108. White, large, strong are examples of:

A) Adverbs

B) Pronouns

C) Adjective

D) Nouns

109. We use ________ adjective when comparing two people or things:

A) Demonstrative Adjective

B) Descriptive Adjectives

C) Comparative Adjective

D) Indefinite adjectives

110. Most of the comparative adjective end on:

A) –ing

B) –est

C) –er

D) None of the above

111. The comparative adjective of fast is:

A) Faster

B) Fast

C) Slow

D) Large

112. The Comparative adjective of happy is:

A) Sad

B) Happy

C) Happier

D) Happiest

113. When we compare three or more people we use _____ form of adjective:

A) Simple

B)  Comparative

C) Superlative

D) None of the above

114. What is the correct spelling:

A) Cumparitive

B) Comparitive

C) Comparative

D) Competrative

115. The Clown is tall. What is the opposite adjective of the underlined adjective?

A) Longer

B) Wider

C) Short

D) Small

116. He is sad. What is the opposite adjective of the underlined adjective.

A) Angry

B) Happy

C) Thoughtful

D) Depressed

117. Which of the following is not an objective for size:

A) Round

B) Flat

C) Light

D) Tall

118. Which of the following is adjective for speed:

A) Quick

B) Fast

C) Slow

D) All of the above

119. This is Khalid. _______ is my friend.

A) She

B) He

C) They

D) I