English Class 4th

141. The Sun rises in the east.

A) True

B) False

142. The King wished for:

A) Gold

B) Food

C) Palace

D) Childern

143. The King touched his ______ and she turned into gold.

A) Flower

B) Pot

C) Daughter

D) Shoes

144. A genie appeared while the ______ was in his gold room counting money.

A) Slave

B) King

C) Fairy

D) Daughter

145. _________ are words that have same sound but different spelling and meaning.

A) Homophones

B) Synonyms

C) Antonyms

D) Nouns

146. Ant and Aunt are _______

A) Homophones

B) Synonyms

C) Antonyms

D) Adjectives

147. The Picture is _______ big to put on the wall.

A) Too

B) Two

148. The dog has two ______.

A) Ears

B) Years

149. The Atlantic isn’t a _____. It’s an ocean.

A) sea

B) see.

150. The _____ tense tells you that the action has taken place before the present.

A) Future

B) Present

C) Past

D) Past and Future

151. We use ______ with you, we and they.

A) was

B) were

C) Both A and B

D) None of the above

152. Had is the past form of:

A) has

B) have

C) Both A and B

D) None of the above

153. Mr. Jamil _____ an accident.

A) have

B) had

C) Both A or B

D) None of the above

154. Had can be used with _____.

A) Singular

B) Plural

C) Both A and B

D) None of the above

155. Last night I ____ my favorite cartoons.

A) saw

B) see

C) had see

D) had saw

156. Ali _____ a book from the library.

A) take

B) taken

C) took

D) had taken.

157. I ______ a letter to my best friend yesterday.

A) Write

B) Written

C) Wrote

D) Had Written

158. We ____ the dishes after dinner last night.

A) wash

B) will wash

C) had washed

D) washed

159. Our team _____ yesterday’s match.

A) won

B) win

C) shall win

D) have won