English Class 4th

161. I ________ offering my prayers.

A) was

B) were

162. The Children ______ studying at home.

A) was

B) were

163. It ____ raining.

A) was

B) were

164. They _____ laughing at her.

A) was

B) were

165. The dog was ______ the ball.

A) chase

B) chasing

166. They were ______ tea.

A) Drink

B) Drinks

C) Drinking

168. I _____ been talking to you.

A) have

B) has

169. He ____ a pet dog.

A) have

B) has

170. They ____ gone to school.

A) have

B) has

171. She ____ her work in the morning.

A) do

B) does

172. Last night, I _____ to the market.

A)  go

B) goes

C) went

D) had gone

173. She ____ the match.

A) win

B) had win

C) won

D)  had won

174. I ____ the dishes.

A) wash

B) have washed

C) washed

D) None of the above

175. The _____ tense tells you that the action has not happened yet but it going to happen in the future.

A) Past

B) Present

C) Both A and B

D) None of the above.

176. We shall use ____ with I and we.

A) Shall

B) Will

C) Both A And B

D) None Of The Above

177. We use will with:

A) You

B) He And She

C) It And They

D) All Of The Above

178. He _____ practice with us on Sunday.

A) will

B) shall

179. I ______ be nine year old next week.

A) will

B) shall

180. They ____ finish the job next week.

A) will

B) shall