English Class 4th

61. Mangla Dam is in:

A) Punjab

B) Baluchistan

C) Sindh


62. Father of the Nation:

A) Quaid-e-Azam

B) Allama Iqbal

C) Sir syed Ahmed Khan

D) Hafiz Jhalunderi

63. The National Poet of Pakistan:

A) Wasi Shah

B) Bullay Shah

C) Allama Iqbal

D) Waris Shah

64. The National Bird of Pakistan:

A) Sparrow

B) Chukar

C) Bulbul

D) Dove

65. The National Flower of Pakistan is:

A) Rose

B) Jasmine

C) Tulip

D) Lily

66. The National language of Pakistan is:

A) Pastu

B) Urdu

C) Punjabi

D) Sindhi

67. Most nouns have ______ forms:

A) One

B) Two

C) Three

D) Four

68. The noun that refers to only one thing, person, place or animal.

A) Singular Noun

B) Plural Noun

C) Both Noun

D) None of the above

69. The Noun that refers to a group of things, places, persons:

A) Singular Noun

B) Plural Noun

C) Both Noun

D) None of the above

70. The Contraction of He will shall be:

A) He wi’l

B) H’will

C) He’ll

D) None of the above

71. The easiest way to change singular noun into plural is to add:

A) s

B) est

C) ch

D) x

72. There are _____ vowels

A) two

B) three

C) four

D) five

73. The Plural of man is:

A) Mans

B) Manes

C) Men

D) Maniest

74. The Plural of Mouse is:

A) Mouses

B) Mousese

C) Mouse

D) Mice

75. Which of the following are usually in plural:

A) Jeans

B) Pliers

C) Shoes

D) All of the above

76. Which of the following is countable noun:

A) Oil

B) Water

C) Fish

D) Salt

77. The Plural of baby is:

A) Babys

B) Babies

C) Babe

D) None of the above

78. ________ are unhealthy food.

A) Chips

B) Apples

C) Bananas

D) Carrots

79. ________ is two words made shorter by placing an apostrophe.

A) Extension

B) Contraction

C) Both A and B

D) None of the above