English Class 5th

141. There was blood in on the mouth of the dog:

A) True

B) False

142. The Dog saved the baby from the snake.

A) True

B) False

143. The Faithful wolf was watching over the child.

A) True

B) False

144. Dogs are playful and love human companionship:

A) True

B) False

145. _____ is a word which is used to show an action of a person, thing, animal:

A) Noun

B) Adverb

C) Pronoun

D) Adjective

146. The Bird flies. The underlined word is:

A) Adjective

B) Verb

C) Adverb

D) Pronoun

147. Which of the following can be used as auxiliary verbs:

A) Be

B) Do

C) Have

D) All Of The Above

148. What is the Past Participle of Catch

A) Catched

B) Have Catched

C) Caught

D) None Of The Above

149. A _______ verb is used with another verb to express ideas such as possibility.

A) Linking Verb

B) Helping Verb

C) Model Verb

D) None of the above

150. A/An _____ has the same letters but in different order.

A) Synonym

B) Antonyms

C) Anagram

D) Cache

151. Tea, eat and ate are example of:

A) Synonym

B) Antonyms

C) Anagram

D) Cache

152. __________ words are words that are identical except for one sound.

A) Synonym

B) Minimal

C) Anagram

D) Cache

153. Hen and Pen are:

A) Synonym

B) Minimal

C) Anagram

D) Cache

154. Television was invented by:

A)  Taylor Smith

B) Mr. Baird

C) Newton

D) Franklin

155. What is the meaning of Mission:

A) Aim

B) Limit

C) Fortunate

D) Tool

156. Television was invented in:

A) Ireland

B) Scotland

C) England

D) America

157. Many _____ wanted to increase the range of the sight.

A) Doctors

B) Scientists

C) Teachers

D) Farmers

158. The Television was invented in:

A) 1926

B) 1936

C) 1946

D) 1956

159. The television is a source of knowledge and ______.

A) Information

B) Cultivation

C) Transportation

D) Pollution

160. Which of the following are articles:

A) A

B) An

C) The

D) All of the above