English Class 5th

261. Words that are similar in sound but different in meaning and spelling are called :

A) Synonyms

B) Antonyms

C) Homophones

D) Homonyms

262. Maid and Made are:

A) Synonyms

B) Antonyms

C) Homophones

D) Homonyms

263. Words that are spelled and pronounced the same, but different in meaning:

A) Synonyms

B) Antonyms

C) Homophones

D) Homonyms

264. She has lost _______. She looks smart.

A) Wait

B) Weight

265. I can’t stand the _____ of blood.

A) Site

B) Sight

266. _______ names were written onto the trophy.

A) There

B) Their

267. Birds fly easily because:

A) They Are Light Weighted

B) Air Keeps Them Up

C) They Know How To Fly

D) They Cannot Walk

268. The first balloon was filled up with:

A) Hot Air

B) Hydrogen

C) Cool Air

D) Feathers

269. The balloon with a man in it rose to a height of:

A) 25m

B) 900m

C) 1800m

D) 3km

270. Balloon were not a good way to travel because they:

A) Went High

B) Went Low

C) Had To Be Tied To The Ground With A Rope

D) Could Not Be Steered

271. The _____ tense is used when action Is happening right now or when it happens regularly.

A) Simple Present

B) Present Continues
C) Present Prefect

D) None of the above

272. The baby is ______ for milk.

A) cry

B) has been crying

C) crying

D) been crying

273. Traffic consists of which of the following:

A) Cars and Trucks

B) Bikes

C) Buses and Rickshaws

D) All of the above

274. What is ditches:

A) Dangerous Curve

B) Depression

C) Broken Parts Of Roads

D) Gravel

275. The past tenses tells u that the action has take place before the present.

A) True

B) False

276. The _______ tense is formed from the past tense of the verb ad be and the past participle of a verb.

A) Simple Past

B) Past Perfect

C) Past Continuous

277. Fame means:

A) Fortunate

B) Reputation

C) Task

D) Clearly

278. Helping others in the hour of ______ is the best deed.

A) deed

B) need

C) fame

D) tears

279. Don’t ____ for money or fame.

A) run

B) zest

C) fame

D) deed

280. The _____ tense tells us about the actions that have not happened yet.

A) Past

B) Present

C) Both A and B

D) Future