English Class 6 0 To 20

English Class 6th

1. Prophet (PBUH) was the _____ prophet of Allah

A) First

B) Last

C) 2nd

D) None of these

2. Foster mother means _____

A) A mother who nourishes another person’s child for a specific time period

B) A mother who adopt someone else child.

C) Both A & B

D) None of these

3. Widow means ______

A) A woman whose husband has died

B) A woman whose husband left for another country

C) Divorced

D) Both A & C

4. Proposal means _____

A) Suggestion

B) Reject

C) Accept

D) Both B & C

5. Orphan means ____

A) A child whose parents are alive

B) A child whose parents are dead

C) None of the above

D) Option C is correct

6. A.D stands for _______

A) After the death

B) Anno Domini

C) Already done

D) None of these

7. Slave means _______

A) A person who is legally owned by another person and is forced to work for him

B) A person who is illegally owned by another person and is forced to work for him

C) A person who is illegally owned by another person and free him to work for him

D) Both A & C

8. Modest means _______

A) Unsure

B) Uncertain

C) Overbearing

D) Both A & B

9. Pardon means ____

A) Forgiveness

B) Rude

C) Unsure

D) Blame

10. Pitied means _____

A) Merciful

B) Cruel

C) Bustard

D) Foolish

11. Conquered means ____

A) Overcome

B) Defeat

C) Surrender

D) None of the above

12. Curse means ____

A) Jinx

B) Pray

C) Merciful

D) Funny

13. ______ is a group of words which makes a complete sense.

A) Paragraph

B) Sentence

C) Stanza

D) Summary

14. Comma, semi-colon are called _____

A) Sentence

B) Punctuation marks

C) Theme

D) Both A & B

15. Apostrophe is used to show _____

A) Possession

B) Link

C) Omission

D) Both A & C

16. Inverted commas are used to enclose the ____ words of speaker or a quotation.

A) Direct

B) Indirect

C) Exact

D) None of these

17. _____ is used to connect the parts of compound word.

A) Dash

B) Apostrophe

C) Punctuation marks

D) None of these

18. _____ is used to indicate an abrupt stop or to resume a scattered subject.

A) Hyphen

B) Dash 

C) Question make

D) None of these

19. Noun, Pronoun and sentence should begin with ______

A) Small letter

B) Capital letter

C) Both A & B

D) None of these

20. ____ is a word that names a person, a place a thing or idea.

A) Pronoun

B) Preposition

C) Noun

D) Adjective

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