English Class 6th

121. Stand fast means ____

A) Standing firmly

B) Weak

C) Loose

D) None of these

122. Fly means ____

A) Run in fear

B) Running

C) Walking

D) Pedestrian

123. Dare means ___

A) Show courage

B) Timid

C) Quarrel

D) None of these

124. Pillars means ____

A) Foundation

B) Thin

C) Stand

D) Wea

125. Strong means ____

A) Weak

B) Powerful

C) Brave

D) Coward

126. Suffer means ____

A) Happy

B) Sad

C) Thrash

D) Hurt

127. Truth means ____

A) Lie

B) Fact

C) Malign

D) None of these

128. Yourself, Himself and herself are ____

A) Reflexive pronoun

B) Possessive pronoun

C) Personal pronoun

D) None of these

129. The antonym of old is ____

A) Young

B) Overage

C) Baby

D) None of these

130. The antonym of wise is ____

A) Fool

B) Timid

C) Coward

D) None of these

131. The antonym of good is ____

A) Stupendous

B) Brilliant

C) Bad

D) Both A &B

132. ____ is a word that means the opposite of another word.

A) Synonym

B) Plural

C) Singular

D) Antonym

133. The antonym of west is ___

A) East

B) North

C) South

D) None of these

134. The anonym of night is ____

A) Day

B) Morning

C) Noon

D) Evening

135. Words which are used for or instead of nouns is called ___

A) Personal pronoun

B) Pronoun

C) Common noun

D) None of these

136. The pronouns which stands for the name of person or things is called ____

A) Personal pronoun

B) Third person pronoun

C) Second person pronoun

D) None of these

137. I, me, mine are ____ pronouns.

A) First person

B) Second person

C) Third person

138. You, your, yours are ____ pronouns.

A) Second

B) Third

C) First

D) None of these

139. He, his, him, she .her are ____ pronouns.

A) First

B) Second

C) Third

D) None of these

140. A group of lines in a poem is called a ___

A) Paragraph

B) Sentence

C) Them

D) Stanza