English Class 6th

141. Probably means_____

A) Very likely

B) No chance

C) Doable

D) None of these

142. Crowded means _____

A) Too many peoples

B) Less peoples

C) Unity

D) None of these

143. Fuel means ____

A) Anything used for burning

B) Burning

C) Low calories

D) None of these

144. Garbage means ___

A) Rubbish

B) Waste matter

C) Clean

D) Both A & B

145. Plan means _____

A) A scheme to do something

B) Aeroplane

C) Ground

D) None of these

146. Impact means ___

A) Standing firmly

B) Weak

C) Loose

D) None of these

148. Booming means ____

A) Growing

B) Successful

C) Failing

D) Both A & B

149. Disastrous means ____

A) Catastrophic

B) Built

C) Controlled

D) None of these

150. Intensified means ____

A) Strengthen

B) Weaken

C) Coward

D) None of these

151. Ruined means ____

A) Crumbling

B) Building

C) Strengthen

D) None of these

152. The word which add meaning to the noun is called _____

A) Adjective

B) Adverb

C) Pronoun

D) Preposition

153. The horse is a Nobel animal, the word “ noble” is ___

A) Adverb

B) Adjective

C) Preposition

D) None of these

154. The cow is a useful animal, the word “ useful” is ___

A) Noun

B) Pronoun

C) Adjective

D) None of these

155. The rose is a beautiful flower, the word “ beautiful” is ____

A) Pronoun

B) Noun

C) Adjective

D) None of these

156. When the peoples has no voice in the affairs of the government, this form of government is _____

A) Democracy

B) Autocracy

C) Monarchy

D) Dictatorship

157. When the peoples elect certain number of person from among themselves, this process is ____

A) Selection

B) Election

C) Democracy

D) None of these

158. The persons elected by the peoples are the people’s _____

A) Slave

B) Ambassador

C) Representative

D) None of these

159. The government of the peoples for the peoples and by the peoples is called ____

A) Autocracy

B) Dictatorship

C) None of these

D) Democracy

160. According to law of Pakistan the election will be held after every ____

A) Four years

B) Five years

C) Six years

D) None of these