English Class 6th

181. is a word used to link noun, pronoun or phrases.

A) Adjective

B) Adverb

C) Preposition

182. A , an , the are called

A) Noun

B) Pronoun

C) Preposition

D) Articles

183. discuss specific date, time, festival holidays etc.

A) Preposition of time

B) Preposition of place

C) Noun

D) Pronoun

184. are made up of two or more words.

A) Common noun

B) Compound preposition

C) Pronoun

D) None of these

185. As of , close to , next to are called

A) Pronoun

B) Compound preposition

C) Noun

D) None of these

186. The oak tree is next to my window. the word next to is

A) Preposition

B) Pronoun

C) Compound preposition

D) None of these

187. Taxila is km away from Peshawar

A) 110

B) 119

C) 118

188. The civilization of taxila is year

A) 2400

B) 2500

C) 2300

189. Taxila was conquered by rulers.

A) Muslim

B) Arian

C) Greek

190. Taxila is divided into ancient cities

A) Fore

B) Five

C) Three

D) None of these

191. Ruins mean

A) Destruction

B) Construction

C) Build

D) Remain

192. Cramped house means

A) Comfortable

B) Uncomfortable house

C) Vela

D) None of these

193. Stucco means

A) Plaster

B) Brick

C) Stone

D) None of these

194. Suburb means

A) Outlying area

B) Inside area

C) Far area

D) None of these

195. Exquisite means

A) Delicate

B) Dull

C) Mess

D) None of these

196. Sculpture means

A) Model

B) Structure

C) Building

D) None of these

197. Home economic means

A) Practice of home making

B) Home building

C) Home managing

D) None of these

198. It here in summer.

A) Rain

B) Rains

C) Raining

D) None of these

199. Your English __________ better.

A) Is getting

B) Got

C) Gotten

D) None of these