English Class 6th

201. The theme of “ Hazard of smoking” is

A) It cause heart diseases

B) It makes blood circulation irregular

C) It make human stronger

D) Both A & B

202. Deteriorating means

A) Worse

B) Good

C) Healthy

D) None of these

203. Stink means

A) Unpleased smell

B) Beautiful

C) Pleasant smell

D) None of these

204. Appetite means

A) Hungry

B) Thirsty

C) Option B is correct

D) None of these

205. Prematurely means

A) Before time

B) Mature

C) Timely

D) None of these

206. Wrinkles mean

A) Line

B) Mature

C) Immature

D) None of these

207. Rolled it up means?

A) Turn up

B) Try

C) Ignore

D) Miss

208. Familiar means?

A) Unaware

B) Ignorant

C) Aware of

D) Unconscious

210. Conscious means?

A) Aware

B) Separate

C) Split

D) Unattached

211. Delicate means?

A) Difficult

B) Easy

C) Sensitive

D) Fragile

212. Bullying is the way friendly people behave?

A) False

B) True

212. Real friends are always helpful and kind.

A) True

B) False

213. True friends always bully.

A) False

B) True

214. Bad attitude towards others is a disability.

A) True

B) False

215. Differently abled people don’t need care.

A) True

B) False

216. expresses main idea of paragraph.

A) Sentence

B) Topic sentence

C) None

217. Feminine of Master is?

A) Masters

B) Mistress

218. Feminine of Bridegroom?

A) Bridegroomes

B) Bride

219. Masculine of Niece?

A) Nice

B) Nephew

220. Feminine of Tiger

A) Tigers

B) Tigress