English Class 6th

221. Masculine of ox is?

A) Oxes

B) Cow

222. Feminine of husband?

A) Husbands

B) Wife

223. Feminine of man?

A) Maness

B) Woman 

224. Feminine of Father?

A) Fathers

B) Mother

225. Masculine of Queen?

A) King

B) Queen

226. Feminine of Steward?

A) Stewards

B) Stewardess

227. Feminine of Heir?

A) Heirs

B) Heiress

228. Masculine of empress?

A) Empresses

B) Emperor

229. Masculine of Ladies?

A) Gentlemen

B) Lads

230. Which of the following are neuter?

A) Ram

B) Sun

C) Leaf

D) All of these

231. Which of the following are neuter?

A) File

B) Lamp

C) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

232. Which of the following are common gender

A) Teacher

B) Children

C) Fish

D) All of these

233. A noun which refers to people, animals and living beings is an noun.

A) Inanimate

B) Animate

C) None of these

234. Inanimate noun refers to things which are ?

A) Alive

B) Not alive

C) None of these

235. The collar is blue.

A) Dogs

B) Dog’s

C) None of these

236. _______ friend is Adnan.

A) Asims

B) Asim’s

237. I really like my cooking.

A) Grandmother

B) Grandmother’s

238. We bought hats.

A) Childrens’

B) Children’s

239. I like the smell of .

A) Roses

B) Roses’s

240. He brought milk.

A) Cows’s

B) Cows