English Class 6th

241. There is of safety in earthquake.

A) Guarantee

B) No guarantee

C) None of these

242. What to do before earthquake?

A) To have fire extinguisher

B) First aid kit

C) Turn off gas, water, electricity

D) All of these

243. Anchor means?

A) Secure firmly in position

B) Potential

C) Ship

D) None of these

244. Correct spelling is?

A) Seeling

B) Ceiling

C) Celieing

D) None

245. Correct spelling is?

A) Earthquack

B) Earthquake

C) Earthquick

D) None

246. Correct spelling is?

A) Poem

B) Peom

C) Poam

D) None of these

247. A pair is a pair of words differing only by one sound in the same position in each word.

A) Maximum

B) Minimal

C) None of thes

248. “Little Things” is written by?

A. W. R. Wallace

B. R. W. Emerson

C. Julia Carney

D. Eliza Coo

249. Little of sand

A) Water

B) Tears

C) Grains

D) Rain

250. Make the might .

A) Ocean

B) World

C) Mountain

D) Sea

251. And the land.

A) Sandy

B) Pleasant

C) Mighty

D) Humble

252. Eternity means? A

A) Never

B) Forever

C) Always

D) None

253. The girls has sweet voice. ‘Sweet’ is?

A) Adjective of Quality

B) Quantity

C) Absolute

254. Karachi is a big city. “Big” is ?

A) Absolute Adjective

B) Adjective of Quantity

C) vAdjective of Quality

255. Four boys ran down the street.

A) Adjective of Quality

B) Adjective of Quantity

C) Absolute Adjective

256. Step back few paces. “Few” is

A) Adjective of Quantity

B) Adjective of Quality

C) None

257. He mad several mistakes. “Several” is?

A) Absolute Adjective

B) Adjective of Quantity

C) Adjective of Quality

258. Absolute Adjectives don’t have __________forms

A) Superlative

B) Comparative

C) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

D) None

259. Which of the following is Absolute Adjective?

A) Essential

B) Complete

C) Dead

D) All of these

260. Adjective make their comparative and superlative forms by adding -er/est

A) Regular

B) Irregular

C) None