English Class 6th

261. Adjective don’t make their superlative and comparative forms by adding -er/ -est

A) Regular

B) Irregular

C) None

262. “Bad” is _____ Adjective.

A) Regular

B) Irregular

C) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

D) None of these

263. “Beautiful” is Adjective.

A) Irregular

B) Regular

C) None

264. Superlative Degree of “many” is?

A) More

B) Most

C) Many

D) None

265. “Farthest” is superlative degree of?

A) Father

B) Further

C) Far

266. To agree means to have opinion.

A) Same

B) Different

C) None

267. “Jamboorie” means?

A) A large party or celebration

B) Assure

C) Jambo

D) Happy

268. A group of words having sense but not complete one, is called?

A) Sentence

B) Phrase

C) Noun

D) None

269. They were doing their home work.

A) Simple Past

B) Past Continuous

C) Present Tense

D) None

270. Past participle of “Do” is?

A) Did

B) Does

C) Done

D) None

271. are sounds which consist of a movement or glide from one vowel to another.

A) Diphthongs

B) Triphthongs

C) None

272. She walked towards me. Preposition in this sentence is?

A) Walked

B) She

C) Towards

D) None

273. We walked aboard the ship. Preposition in this sentence is?

A) Aboard

B) Walk

C) We

D) None

274. The girls calmly took her test. Adverb is?

A. Girl

B. Calmly

C. The

D. Took

275. The team eagerly awaited their next opponent. Adverb in this sentence?

A) Awaited

B) Eagerly

C) Opponent

D) None

276. The player politely asked the official a question. Adverb

A) Player

B) Asked

C) Politely

D) None

277. The team shook hands sincerely after the game. Adverb in this sentence

A) Sincerely

B) Shook

C) Team

D) Game

278. The boys slowly walked to his seat. Adverb in this sentence?

A) Slowly

B) Boy

C) Seat

D) None

279. You may eat ripe mangoes. Ripe is?

A) Adjective of Quality

B) Adjective of Quantity

C) None

280. She is very competent girl. Competent is

A) Adjective of quantity

B) Adjective of quality

C) None