English Class 6th

301. Which sentence is declarative?

A) May I have a clean plate?

B) I found my keys on the desk

C) Move the chairs into that corner quickly

302. Which sentence is exclamatory?

A) Javid used the towel to clean his hands

B) I was tempted to take the last piece of cake

C) Hurray! I won the matc

303. The most versatile energy source is?

A) Light

B) Electricity

C) None

304. People who work with electricity and electrical devices are called?

A) Electricians

B) Plumbers

C) Carpenters

305. Tarbella Dam is located on River?

A) Ravi

B) Indus

C) Sutlej

D) None

306. The largest earth filled dam in the world is?

A) Mangla

B) Warsak

C) Tarbella

307. Conserve means?

A) To use

B) To protect

C) To waste

308. Conversion of power happens in power substation.

A) True

B) False

309. It is safe to plug in outlet with wet hands.

A) False

B) True

310. Stay away from substations and power lines.

A) True

B) False

311. Do climb to power poles.

A) True

B) False

312. Never fly kites near power stations

A) True

B) False

313. If two consonants come together without a vowel in between, they form?

A) Vowels

B) Cluster

C) Consonant Cluster

D) None

314. “The stream where I played” is about our?

A) Recklessness

B) Ignorance

C) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

D) None

315. Ravine means?

A) A deep sea

B) Narrow valley

C) None of these

316. Scummy means?

A) Unpleasant layer on top of liquid

B) Dust

C) Clean

D) None

317. Foul means?

A) Fool

B) Unpleasant

C) Pleasant

318. Fade means?

A) Strength

B) Lose color

C) None of these

319. Story about imaginary characters is called?

A) Fiction

B) Poetry

C) Non-fiction

320. Which of the following add to air pollution?

A) Burning fossil fuels in cars and trucks

B) Spilling chemicals in rivers

C) Oil spells in the ocean

D) Pressure horn