English Class 6th

341. The fortune teller said, “You will find a good job soon.”

A) The fortune teller says I will find a good job soon

B) The fortune teller was saying that he will find a good job soon

C) The fortune teller told that I would find a good job soon.

342. My brother said, “It is snowing now”.

A) My brother told that it was snowing then

B) My brother says that it is snowing then

C) My brother has told that now it will snow

343. “This is my first trophy”, Sultana said.

A) Sultana said that that was her first trophy

B) Sultana said that is her first trophy

C) Sultana was telling that it was my first trophy

344. Hassan ran to the other side of the field.

A) Simple Past

B) Present

C) Future

345. I open the lid to the container.

A) Simple future

B) Simple present

C) Future

D) Past

346. The girls will play with each other on the weekend.

A) Simple Past

B) Simple Future

C) Simple Present

D) None

347. Waseem swam late into the night.

A) Simple Past

B) Future

C) Present

D) Present Perfect

348. The dog will wag its tail for food.

A) Simple Future

B) Simple Past

C) Future Perfect

349. My Dad waters the lawn in the afternoon

A) Past

B) Future

C) Simple Present

350. The students will study for the final exam.

A) Future Simple

B) Simple Past

C) Simple Present

351. The campers crept towards the open tent

A) Past Perfect

B) Simple Past

C) Simple Future

352. He eats his breakfast early in the morning.

A) Simple Present

B) Past

C) Future

353. My mother will pick me up from school.

A) Simple Present

B) Simple Future

C) Future Perfect

354. Ashraf here from D. I. Khan last year.

A) Moved

B) Moves

C) Will move

355. By tomorrow I 100 pages of the book.

A) Read

B) Reading

C) Will read

356. She to a movie tomorrow night

A) Goes

B) Is going

C) Gone

357. They in Mansehra

A) Are living

B) Lives

C) Will live

358. While he for the bus, it rained.

A) Is waiting

B) Was waiting

C) Will be waiting

359. Which one is called the bazar of story tellers?

A) Qissa Khwani

B) Peshawar

C) Firdous

360. Kanishksha was a ruler.

A)  Pashtun

B) Hindu

C) Bhuddist

D) None