English Class 6th

361. Old name of Peshawar was?

A) Peeshor

B) Parashpura

C) Sikandrpora

D) Pashkalawati

362. Carvans bought goods from?

A) Samarkand

B) Bukhara

C) Syria

D) All of these

363. As late as , these professional story tellers used to come into the bazar early in the morning.

A) 1930

B) 1920

C) 1940

D) None

364. Copper ware street known as?

A) Copper street

B) Bazar e Misgaran

C) Qisa Khwani

365. Embroidered means?

A) Beautify

B) Ugly

C) Sweet

D) None

366. Enormous means?

A) Small

B) Huge

C) Meager

367. Hawker means

A) Peddler

B) Street

C) Beggar

D) None

368. Laden means?

A) Heavy Load

B) Goods

C) Inn

D) None

369. Litter means?

A) Garbage

B) Cleanliness

C) Home

D) Letter

370. “The mountain and the squirrel” is written by?

A) Shakespear

B) Don

C) Pop

D) R. W. Emerson

371. The theme of “Mountain and the Squirrel” is?

A) Size is everything

B) Size isn’t everything

C) Size is good

D) Size matters

372. ‘Prig’ means?

A) Who obey rules

B) Disobey rule

C) Violation

D) None

373. Bun means?

A) Bundle of hair

B) Close

C) Heap

D) None

374. Doubtless means?

A) Doubtful

B) Certain

C) Uncertain

375. Spry means?

A) True

B) False

376. The mountain and squirrel didn’t agree with each other.

A) True

B) False

377. The mountain insulted the squirrel.

A) True

B) False

378. The squirrel doubts that mountain is big.

A) True

B) False

379. The squirrel says that it takes a year to make all sorts of things and weather.

A) True

B) False

380. The squirrel says he is quicker than mountain.

A) True

B) False