English Class 6th

381. The squirrel is grateful to the mountain for giving him a path to move along

A) True

B) False

382. The squirrel says the mountain is wise.

A) True

B) False

383. The mountain has got many trees in it.

A) True

B)  False

384. The squirrel can’t crack a nut.

A) True

B) False

385. How old would be the farmer after two months?

A) 90

B) 60

C) 80

D) 70

386. Theme of “The King and Farmer” is?

A) Fruit of hard work is sour

B) Fruit of hard work is sweet

C) Hard work is boring

387. The King was passing by a farm

A) Big

B) Small

C) None of these

388. The farmer was planting trees.

A) Orange

B) Mango

C) Apple

389. First conditional talk about?

A) Actions in Future

B) Likely to happen

C) Have real possibility of happening

D) All of these

390. If you this letter now, she will receive it tomorrow

A) Send

B) Will send

C) Sent

D) None

391. If I do this rest, I improve my English.

A) Was

B) Will

C) Am

D) None

392. If I your ring, I will give it back to you.

A) Will find

B) Was find

C) Find

D) None

393. Palwasha will go for shopping if she_______ time in the afternoon.

A) Will

B) Have

C) Had

D) None

394. Safdar ____ go to London next week if he gets a cheap ticket

A) Was

B) Will

C) Were

D) None