English Class 6th

61. _____ was the grandfather of prophet ( PBUH)

A) Abdullah

B) Abdul Muttalib

C) Amir Hamza

D) Abu Talib

62. The name of foster mother of prophet Muhammad ( PBUH ) was ____

A) Ammna

B) Fatima

C) Haleema

D) Amina

63. Prophet (PBUH) remained with Haleema till he ____

A) Six

B) Five

C) Seven

D) Eight

64. The grave of prophet (PBUH) father is in ____

A) Makkah

B) Khyber

C) Madina

D) Taif

65. The mother of prophet (PBUH) died when he was ____ year old

A) Five

B) Seven

C) Six

D) Eight

66. Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) never told a lie and was called ____

A) Amin

B) Sadiq

C) Both A & B

67. Prophet (PBUH) was honest and fair in his dealings with peoples,that’s why people called him ___

A) Sadiq

B) Amin

C) Option B is correct

D) Option A is correct

68. ____ was the wife of Prophet (PBUH)

A) Amina

B) Fatima

C) Haleema

D) KHadija

69. Woman are ___, prophet (PBUH) said to his followers.

A) Healthy

B) Strong

C) Weak

D) None of these

70. The slave name of Hazrat Hadija was ____

A) Omair

B) Omar

C) Abubakar

D) Zaid

71. Who said these words to prophet (PBUH) “it doesnot suit you to carry things for the poor and the low people”.

A) Abu Jehal

B) Abu Sufyan

C) Sohail bin umro

D) None of these

72. Ibn-e-seena was born in ____

A) 980 A.D

B) 970 A.D

C) 980 B.C

D) None of these

73. Where was Ibn-e-Seena born _____

A) Afsana Bukhara

B) Kabul

C) Mazar Sharif

D) Hamadan

74. Ibn-e-Seena died in ___

A) 1030

B) 1031

C) 1036

D) 1037

75. Where Ibn-e-Seena died ____

A) Bukhara

B) Hamadan

C) Tashkent

D) Peshawar

76. At the age of ____ Ibn-e-seena cured Noor Ibn-3-Mansoor, the king of Bukhara.

A) 11

B) 12

C) 15

D) 25

77. The name of Ibn-e-Seena book on medical science is _____

A) Al-Qanun-Fi_Al Teeb

B) Al –Qanun – Fi – Al chemist

C) Option B is correct

D) None of these

78. ____ detected the contagious nature of tuberculosis.

A) Ibn-e-seena

B) Arbi

C) Al khawarzmi

D) None of these

79. Kitab –Al- Shifa was written by _____

A) Ibnal Hathim

B) Ibn-e-Seena

C) Al Khawarzma

D) Option A is correct

80. The father of modern medicine is _____

A) Ibn-e-Seena

B) Dr Abdul Qadeer

C) Dr Abdul Slam

D) Option A is correct