English Class 6th

81. Remarkable means_____

A) Unusual

B) Usual

C) Great

D) Considerable

82. Pride means____

A) Satisfaction

B) Arrogance

C) Negligence

D) Both A & B

83. _____ was the grandfather of prophet ( PBUH)

A) Abdullah

B) Abdul Muttalib

C) Amir Hamza

D) Abu Talib

83. Well-versed means ____

A) Expert

B) Proficient

C) Dull

D) Both A & B

84. Surveyed means ____

A) Examined

B) Judge

C) Extract

D) None of these

85. Entire means ____

A) Whole

B) Partial

C) Complete

D) Both A & C

86. Contribution means ____

A) Donation

B) Power

C) Aid

D) Both A & C

87. Credit means ___

A) Praise

B) Recognition

C) Tribute

D) All of them correct

88. Detected means ____

A) Noticed

B) Dangerous

C) No feeling

D) None of these

89. Contagious means ____

A) Transmittable

B) Transparent

C) Detection

D) Noticed

90. Meningitis means _____

A) Serious disease

B) Mild disease

C) Headache

D) Sore throat

91. Anatomy means ____

A) Inspection

B) Studious

C) Tempered

D) None of these

92. The synonym of big is ____

A) Large

B) Small

C) Extra large

D) Petty

93. The synonym of famous is ____

A) Popular

B) Notorious

C) Angry

D) Happy

94. Synonym of rich is ____

A) Poor

B) Elite class

C) Wealthy

D) None of these

95. ____ is the word that has same meaning.

A) Antonym

B) Plural

C) Masculine

D) Synonym

96. Synonym of huge is ___

A) Mammoth

B) Small

C) Mild

D) None of these

97. Synonym of quarrel is ___

A) Fight

B) Happiness

C) Agreement

D) Fair

98. Synonym of wide is ____

A) Broad

B) Small

C) Plain

D) None of these

99. Synonym of original is ______

A) Special

B) Ordinary

C) Faint

D) Both B&C

100. Synonym of fair is ____

A) Honest

B) Dishonest

C) Truthful

D) None of these