English Class 7th

161. What did the king do when he found out that he had horn?

A. Asked for new turban

B. Chased everyone out of room

C. Called for barber to cover his horns

D. Barber to cut his horns

162. Why did the king run off into the forest with the drum?

A. Wanted to destroy drum

B. The drum knew his secret

C. The drum would give him good advice

D. Drum would give him bad advice

163. How did life in the forest change the king?

A. Became famous musician

B. Became friend with trees

C. Learned to respect other living things

D. Learned to respect himself

164. Coffee has bitter taste. Bitter is?

A. Adverb

B. Adjective

C. Noun

D. None

165. He said, “The weather is stormy and the way is long”. Change into indirect.

A. He said that the weather was stormy and the way was long

B. He says the weather was stormy and way is long

C. He was saying that the weather is stormy the way was long

166. Rabia said, “We have to go back”.

A. Rabia says we have to go back

B. Rabia said that they had to be back

C. Rabia was saying that we have to be back

167. He said, “Like me”.

A. He says to like me

B. He is saying to like me

C. He told to like him

168. He said, ” I have got a toothache”.

A. He said that he had got a toothache

B. He says that he had got toothache

C. He is saying that he has toothache

169. Manu said, “I am very busy now”.

A. Manu said she was very busy now

B. Manu said that he was very busy then

C. Manu had said to be very busy

170. Hurry up”, she said to us.

A. She says to hurry up

B. She told us to hurry up

C. She asked to hurry up

171. “Give me a cup of water”, he told her.

A. He told her to give him a cup of water

B. He asked for a cup of coffee

C. He ordered for a cup of coffee

172. She said, “I am going to college”.

A. He said he was coming to college

B. She said that she is going to college

C. She said that she was going to college

173. She said to me, “Thank you”.

A. She thanked to me

B. I am being thanked

C. She is thanking me

174. “Beautiful Hands” is written by?

A. Chaucer David

B. Pop Graham

C. Ellen M. H. Gates

D. Ellen M. H. Frost


175. Scarcely means?

A. Abundant

B. Very few

C. Amass

D. Almost not

176. Hue means?

A. Cry

B. Degree of lightness

C. None

177. Wrinkled means?

A. Having lines on skin

B. Fair skin

C. Beauty

D. None

178. Weary means?

A. Rest

B. Happy

C. Tired

D. None

179. Toiling means?

A. Easy work

B. Work

C. Hard work

D. None

180. Which of the following has “simile”?

A. The willow is like etching

B. Willow tree fine lined against the sky

C. Then ginkgo is like a crude sketch

D. Both ‘a’ and ‘c’