English Class 7th

181. Which of the following simile is uses?

A. The willow’ music is like a soprano

B. Delicate and thin

C. The ginkgo’ tune is like a chorus

D. Both ‘a’ and ‘c’

182. Which of the following has simile?

A. The willow is sleek as a velvet

B. The ginkgo is leathery as an old bull

C. The willow’ branches are like silken thread

D. All of these

183. Shazia gave Sadaf a doll. Direct object is?

A. Gave

B. Shazia

C. Doll

D. None

184. Arshad gave the dog a bone. Direct object?

A. Gave

B. Bone

C. Dog

D. None

185. He sent us some foreign stamp. Direct object?

A. Us

B. Some

C. Foreign

D. None

186. The doctor gave her an injection. Indirect object?

A. Gave

B. Her

C. Injection

D. None

187. Sarah sent Palwasha a gift. Direct object?

A. Sent

B. Palwasha

C. Gift

D. None

188. She offered me a firm handshake. Direct object is?

A. Me

B. Handshake

C. Offered

D. Firm

189. They sold him pictures. Direct object is?

A. Sold

B. They

C. Him

D. Pictures

190. She sent her friend a letter. “Her friend”?

A. Direct Object

B. Indirect Object

191. Sadaf will help you with your home work. You?

A. Direct Object

B. Indirect Object

192. I need you help. You help is?

A. Direct Object

B. Indirect Object

193. He gave them a bag full of money. Them is?

A. Direct Object

B. Indirect Object

194. Javed sold me his car. His car is?

A. Direct Object

B. Indirect Object

195. Iqbal was Born on?

A. 9 Nov, 1877

B. 10 April, 1980

C. 9 Nov, 1977

D. None

196. Allama Iqbal parent were?

A. Noor Muhammad

B. Imam Bibi

C. Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

D. None

197. Iqbal was Born in?

A. Lahore

B. Sialkot

C. Karachi

D. Peshawar

198. Iqbal took Doctorate degree from?

A. Berlin

B. Paris

C. Munich

D. London

199. He took Barrister’s degree from?

A. London

B. Munich

C. Paris

D. France

200. Iqbal was impressed from teachings of?

A. Saadi

B. Rumi

C. Abdali

D. None