English Class 7th

241. Toe is to foot as finger is to?

A. Eye

B. Hand

C. Arm

D. None

242. Day is to month as minute is to?

A. Second

B. Hour

C. Time

D. None

243. Purple is to grapes as red is to?

A. Cherries

B. Mangoes

C. Fruit

D. None

244. Word is to sentence as page is to?

A. Book

B. Volume

C. Bundle

D. None

245. Small is to large as little is to?

A. Big

B. Small

C. Large

D. None

246. Three is to Triangle as Four is to?

A. Square

B. Name

C. Triangle

D. None

247. Smell is to nose as sight is to?

A. Mouth

B. Car

C. Eye

D. None

248. Top is to bottom as over is to?

A. Under

B. Bottom

C. Top

D. None

249. Fastest women in South Asia?

A. Naseem Hamid

B. Sania Mirza

C. Sonia

D. None

250. How many seconds she took to become Fastest woman in South Asia?

A. 11.81

B. 12

C. 40

D. 50

251. In South Asia Federation Games in 2010 she won Gold medal.

A. 20th

B. 11th

C. 12th

252. 11th SAF Games were held in?

A. Pakistan

B. India

C. Bangladesh

D. Bhutan

253. She became Pakistan’s woman to win gold medal.

A. 2nd

B. 3rd

C. 1st

D. 4th

254. Naseem Hamid is from?

A. Peshawar

B. Karachi

C. Lahore

D. Multan

255. In SA Games she won Bronze medal.

A. 10th

B. 11th

C. 12th

D. 13th

256. is the best chapter in the book of wisdom.

A. Honest

B. Honesty

257. He was saved from the trouble by his friend’s timely .

A. Bravery

B. Brave

258. There are reports of many deaths from in Somalia.

A. Hunger

B. Hungry

259. He was known for his generosity and ._

A. Kind

B. Kindness

260. ----- is the best medicine.

A. Laugh

B. Laughter