English Class 7th

281. Do you know how to swim?

A. Is it known by you how to swim?

B. Does it know by you how to swim?

C. It is being known by you how to swim?

D. Is it knows by you how to swim?

282. Why does he blame others?

A. Why others always blamed by him?

B. Why do others always blamed by him?

C. Why are others always blamed by him?

D. Why is others always blamed by him ?

283. Cherish means?

A. Happy

B. To keep hopes

C. Cherry

284. Oasis means?

A. Place in desert having water

B. Desert

C. Plain

D. None

285. Child labor has been an ____ concern.

A. National

B. International

C. Local

286. The use of Child Labor began in?

A. 1970

B. 1960

C. 1980

D. 2000

287. Reason of child labor is?

A. Happiness

B. Poverty

C. Ignorance

D. None

288. According to UNESCO, ____ of total child population are child workers.

A. One eight

B. One seventh

C. One sixth

D. One tenth

289. Prevalent means?

A. Common

B. Not common

C. Uncommon

D. None

290. Hapless means?

A. Lucky

B. Happy

C. Unlucky

291. Menace means?

A. Minimum

B. Something of concern

C. Minimal

D. None

292. “Sow, Sow, Sow” is written by?

A. Julia

B. Eva Lovet

C. Pop

D. Frost

293. Madian is about ____ km from Saidu Sharef.

A. 6

B. 9

C. 10

D. 2

294. Plentiful means?

A. Existing in great quantity

B. Meager

C. Small

295. Troop means?

A. Unit

B. Unit of girls

C. Bullets

296. Appetite means?

A. Full

B. Hunger

C. Food

D. Eating

297. If you study hard, you ___ the exam.

A. Passed

B. Will pass

C. Pass

298. I will go to the party if ____ time.

A. I had

B. I will have

C. I have

299. If we ____ the game, we .

A. Win/ will celebrate

B. Win/ Will win

C. Will win/ Celebrate

300. What ___ if it rains?

A. Did you do

B. Do you do

C. Will you do