English Class 7th

301. If the weather ___ good, I ____ tennis.

A. Will be/ will play

B. Was/ was played

C. Is/ will

302. If I ___ out tonight, I ____ to the cinema.

A. Go/ Will go

B. Will go/ GO

C. Go/ went

303. If you ___ back late, I ____ angry.

A. Will get/be

B. Get/ Will be

C. Went/ Will

304. If we each other tomorrow, we each other next week.

A. Don’t see/ will see

B. will see/ don’t

C. See/ don’t

305. If he ____ , I ___ be surprised.

A. Came/ will

B. Comes/ will be

C. Will/ Come

306 . If we ___ here, we ___ late.

A. Wait/ will be

B. Will be/ Wait

C. Be/ Will

307. The second conditional is used to talk about situations.

A. Possible

B. Impossible

C. None of these

308. If I ___ you, I ____ new job.

A. Were/ would

B. Was/ were

C. Is/ am

309. If he ___ younger, he ___ travel more.

A. Was/ Travel

B. Were/ Would

C. Was/ would

310. If we ____ friends, I ____ angry with you.

A. Were/ would be

B. Would be/ Were

C. Was/ were

311. If I ___ money, I ___ buy big house.

A. Had/ would

B. Would/ Had

C. Had/ Was

312. If she ___ always so late, she _____ promoted.

A. Were not/ would

B. Was not/ will

C. Will not/ were

313. We don’t mind camping, but if we enough money, we in hotel.

A. Have/ Stayed

B. Had/ Would stay

C. Had/ stayed

314. He’s so stupid! If he ___ an animal, he would be a sheep.

A. Would be

B. Was

C. Were

315. If there ___ no mosquitos, there would be no malaria.

A. Were

B. Was

C. Are

316. If her hair were black, she _____ look completely different.

A. Were

B. Are

C. Would

317. If he were a young man, he ____ able to walk faster.

A. Is

B. Would be

C. Was

D. Will be

318. If you ____ this letter now, she ____ it tomorrow.

A. Send/ will receive

B. Sent/ Would receive