English Class 7th

41. __________was run on this railway and was known for tourist train.

A. Quetta Express

B. Khyber train safari

C. Rawalpindi Express

42. Khyber train safari was closed in ______ due to washing away of railway track and bridges by flood.

A. 2001

B. 2003

C. 2005

D. 2006

43. Torkham border is one of the major international border crossing between________.

A. Pakistan and Afghanistan

B. Iran and Pakistan

C. India and Pakistan

44. The history of the Khyber Pass as a strategic gateway dates from _____

A. 326 B.C

B. 321 B.C

C. 320 B.C

D. 312 B.C

45. Alexander the Great and his army marched through the Khyber to reach the plains of _______.

A. India

B. China

C. Turkey

D. Malaysia

46. In the AD 900s, Persian, Mongol and Tartar armies forced their way through the Khyber, bringing Islam to _____.

A. Pakistan

B. Iran

C. Iraq

D. India

E. China

47. Mehmood Ghaznavi crossed the Khyber Pass seventeen times to attack ______.

A. South Asia

B. East Asia

C. West Europe

D. North America

48. During the ________ the pass was the scene of numerous conflicts between Anglo-Indian soldiers and native Afghans.

A. Afghan Wars

B. Indian Wars

C. Indian Muslims Wars

D. British Indian Wars

49. _______ did succeed in establishing the Moghul Empire in Northern India after coming through the Pass from Afghanistan.

A. Shah Jahan

B. Akbar Khan

C. Babur

D. Alexander the Great

50. Through Khyber Pass camel caravans carried bales of cotton, silk and spices from sub-continent and china to ______ and beyond.

A. Afghanistan

B. Iran

C. China

D. Pakistan

51. The ______ constructed a road through the pass in 1879 and converted it into a highway during the 1920s.

A. British

B. Indian

C. Afghanistan

D. Iran

52. Torkham border, is one of the major border between Pakistan and Afghanistan because_______.

A. At this point, the mountains can be climbed only in a few places

B. It is a famous market place where people enjoy eating tikkas

C. It is a major transporting, shipping and receiving site

D. It is a strategic gateway dates from 326 B.C

53. Which countries are linked by the Khyber Pass?

A. India and Pakistan

B. India and Afghanistan

C. Afghanistan and Pakistan

D. Afghanistan and Tajikistan

54. Babur succeeded in establishing the _______ in Northern India after coming through the Pass from Afghanistan.

A. British Empire

B. Moghul Empire

C. Persian Empire

D. Greek Empire

55. The Khyber Pass is a narrow _____ pass.

A. Mountain

B. Hill

C. Plain

D. Forest

56. The Khyber Pass had been known as famous ______ route.

A. Silk

B. Cotton

C. Spice

D. Trade

57. Personification is giving a human quality to an _______.

A. Inanimate object

B. Animate

C. Living

58. What season does John Foster describe in the poem “Its Spring”?

A. Unpleasantly hot summer season

B. Cold and nasty winter season

C. Beautiful but sad autumn season

D. Fresh spring season

59. Which sentence contains personification?

A. Its spring

B. And the garden is changing its clothes

C. Putting away

D. Its dark winter suits

60. The word “drab” in the poem suggests that

A. Nature is doubtful or weak

B. Nature lives in a state of royalty or power

C. Nature is changeable

D. Nature is changing its dull cloths