English Class 7th

61. Public property is a property that is dedicated to______ use and is owned by the government and people of the country jointly.

A. Public

B. Private

C. Company

62. These properties are all built by the government with public money that we pay in the form of _____

A. Taxes

B. Donation

C. Both a & b

63. If people of country do not use ______ properly or destroy them, it will not be easy to replace them.

A. Public amenities

B. Private amenities

C. Company amenities

D. Both a & b

64. People usually use _____ wastefully.

A. Water and electricity

B. Petrol and water

C. Electricity and food

65. People scatter bits of paper everywhere in ________.

A. Public parks

B. House

C. Mosque

66. National Monuments and heritage sites are _____

A. Destroy

B. Beautiful

C. Defaced

67. Cubicle are erected at bus stops by the transport authorities in order to provide shelter to the _______.

A. Passengers

B. Kids

C. Both a & b

68. People do not use public________ properly.

A. Toilets

B. Hotels

C. Mosque

69. Throwing garbage in open public place is also one of _______

A. Major issue

B. Minor issue

C. Both a & b

70. Mostly people destroy public property because they want to express their ________.

A. Anger and frustration

B. Love and kindness

C. Sympathy

71. We know Pakistan is a _____ country and whenever such disorder occur, they slow down its progress.

A. Developed

B. Developing

C. Under developed

72. _________ is something we can collectively and use jointly.

A. Private property

B. Public property

C. Company property

73. Public have ______ to destroy it or use it recklessly or steal it.

A. No right

B. Right

C. Full authority

74. Destruction of Public property is ______ of any problem.

A. No solution

B. Solution

C. Proper way

75. We must develop a sense of _________ in having a comfortable and happy civic life.

A. Cooperation

B. Competition

C. Opposition

76. We all must work together, ________funds by paying taxes on time.

A. Contribute

B. Detract

C. Minus

D. Withhold

77. A green cornfield” is written by __

A. Cristina Rosetti

B.. Ralph Emerson

C. Shakespeare

D. None of these

78. Christina Rosetto wrote apoems for ___

A. Youths

B. Children

C. Old

D. None of these

79. Morn mean ____

A. Noon

B. Evening

C. Morning

D. None of these

80. Skylark mean ____

A. Small brown bird famous for beautiful singing

B. White bird famous for beautiful singing

C. Option B is correct

D. None of these