English Class 8 0 To 20

English Class 8th

1. Hulful means ________

A. Commitment

B. Desire

C. Oath

2. They applied the law to the poor and ______ the rich.

A. Helped

B. Forgave

C. Assist

3. In the institution of justice established by Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW), the judge makes a decision according to ____________

A. Evidence

B. Statement

C. Opponent

4. Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) remained outside the _________ degeneration of the society.

A. Fake

B. Moral

C. Social

D. None of these

5. Fudul means _________

A. People with sight

B. People with virtue

C. People with fantasy

D. Imagination

6. ____________ was assigned to resolve the dispute of cottage.

A. Hazrat Abu bakar

B. Huzaifa bin Yemin

C. Abu Hurraira

D. Ammar

7. Once a ______ woman was found guilty of stealing.

A. Old

B. Young

C. Quraish

D. Ansaar

8. ________ was instilled in Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) as a nucleus as a result of divine training

A. Peace

B. Justice

C. Truthfulness

D. Sympathy

9. Before Islam the administration of justice system was not based on sound foundation among __________

A. Iranians

B. Arabs

C. Christians

D. None of these

10. There was no written ________ before Islam.

A. Paper

B. Theory

C. Law

D. Implementation

11. During Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) time the cottage was built on piece of land belonging to two _____________

A. Men

B. Sisters

C. Brothers

D. Traders

12. As a head of state of _________ Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) all cases on merit of justice and fairness.

A. Makkah

B. Baghdad

C. Madinah

D. Taif

13. During a Sermon, an Ansari, pointed some men of tribe ___________

A. Banu Ta’lba

B. Azd

C. Banu khazraj

D. Banu Aus

14. Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) said “ The _______ of father cannot be taken on his son.

A. Work

B. Dispute

C. Revenge

D. Award

15. A person of such magnitude transcends the ___________ of time and space

A. Reward

B. Barriers

C. Limit

D. Excess

16. Implementation is the act of act of ________ something that has been officially decided to happen or be used.

A. Preparing

B. Baking

C. Installing

D. Making

17. Transcend means to be or go beyond the ________ limits of something.

A. Usual

B. Important

C. Islamic

D. Unusual

18. A piece of fire was referred by ______________

A. Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW)

B. Hazrat Ali (RA)

C. Hazrat Usman (RA)

D. None of these

19. Synonym of “danger” is _______________

A. Harmful

B. Uncertainty

C. Hate

D. None of these

20. There are _________ syllables in a word “gardener”

A. 2

B. 3

C. 4

D. 5

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