English Class 8th

101. A _______is a figurative device in which one thing is compared to another unlike thing

A. Metaphor

B. Preposition

C. both a & b

102. A ______ directly compares the two things-saying that one thing is the other.

A. Metaphor

B. Preposition

C. both a & b

103. The word forlorn means ______.

A. Cheerful

B. Hopeful

C. Lonely

104. The word paean means ______.

A. a song of praise

B. crying

C. none of these

105. The word smouldering means _______.

A. to burn slowly without a flame

B. to burn slowly with a flame

C. none of these

106. The word fragrance means ______.

A. bad smell

B. pleasant smell

C. both a & b

107. The word borne means ______.

A. start of an idea

B. brainstorming

C. both a & b

108. The word pent-up means ____

A. a feeling that cannot be expressed

B. a feeling that can be expressed in a crowd

C. none of these

109. The word eternal means _______.

A. existing or continuing forever

B. up-to some extent

C. none of these

110. The word boon means _____.

A. something that is very helpful and make life easier for you

B. hard to life

C. none of these

111. The word mingled means ______.

A. to combine or make one thing combine with another

B. self-oriented

C. none of these

112. The word numb means _______.

A. unable to feel or react in a normal way

B. harsh react

C. responded same as it rece

113. A paean of eternal spring Voice the new awakening What does this mean in the poem?

A. The spring season has arrived after months of autumn

B. The spring season is singing a song after years of silence

C. It is time of freedom and victory after year of slavery

D. The voice of spring can be heard after years of silence

114. Faint snatches of half-forgotten song--- Fathers! Torn and numb,-- The boon of light we craved, awaited long, What is the tone of these lines?

A. These lines are sad and express suffering

B. These lines are gloomy and express joy

C. These lines are joyful and express pleasure

D. These lines are cheerful and express enjoyment

115. The boon of light we craved, awaited long, What does the phrase “ awaited long” mean?

A. something that someone has been waiting for a long time

B. something that someone has not been anticipating

C. something that someone has unlooked for

D. something that someone has not been waiting for a long time

116. What feature of “The Dawn’s awake” tells the reader that it is poem

A. It tells a story

B. It is about nature

C. It is a written stanza

D. It has a personification

117. Which line from the poem supports the idea that an early or flourishing stage of development is everlasting

A. The dawn of a thousand dreams and thrills

B. And music singing in the hills

C. A paean of eternal spring

D. Voice the new awakening

118. ________ is re-writing the poet’s words or idea in your own words without altering the meaning.

A. Paraphrasing

B. Stanza

C. Both a & b