English Class 8th

181. Repercussion mean _____

A) Bad result of an action

B) Good result of an action

C) Pleasure about something

D) None of the above

182. Esteemed mean ____

A) Great respect

B) Good looking

C) To dig into

D) None of the above

183. Recklessly mean ____

A) Lack of care

B) Take care

C) Careful

D) None of the above

184. Obvious mean ____

A) Easy to understand

B) Difficult to understand

C) Lazy

D) None of the above

185. Insomnia mean _____

A) Unable to sleep

B) Good sleep

C) Enjoying sleep

D) None of the above

186. Depletion mean ___

A) Consumption

B) Addition

C) More

D) Less


187. Noise is ____

A) Loud sound

B) Unwanted sound

C) Constant sound

D) Slow sound

188. _____ cause air pollution

A) Ozone

B) Oxygen

C) Industries

D) Pesticides

189. The diseases cholera, typhoid and jaundice are due to ____ pollution.

A) Air

B) Water

C) Soil

D) Food items

190. All of the following are water hygiene disease except ____

A) Insomnia

B) Typhoid

C) Dysentery

D) Choler

191. Look! Sara ____ to meet her aunt.

A) Go

B) Goes

C) Gone

D) Went

192. On her right hand, Sara ____ her handbag.

A) Carries

B) Carry

C) Carrying

D) None of the above

193. The hand bag _____ on the road

A) Fell

B) Fall

C) Falling

D) None of the above

194. She ___ from her uncle’s house yesterday.

A) Return

B) Returns

C) Returning

D) None of the above

195. She ____ to visit all her relative.

A) Intend

B) Intends

C) Intending

D) None of the above

196. Deaf ear mean _____

A) To ignore

B) Refuse to listen

C) Hearing someone enthusiastically

D) Both A and B

197. Steep mean ____

A) Rising or falling quickly

B) Rising slowly

C) Falling slowly

D) None of the above

198. The old lading was working hard ____

A) To have a competition with the big grocery store

B) To survive for what was left of her life

C) To cover her husband’s medical bill

D) To pay her children school fee

199. The big grocery shop did not bargain because ___

A) Their prices were fixed

B) The fruits were fresh and ripe

C) Of competition with other big grocery stores

D) Of advertisement of shops and product

200. I left in my car towards the usual grocery shop. In this sentence” I” refer to ___

A) The cashier

B) The author’s colleagues

C) The author

D) The old lady