English Class 8th

21. The sky went dark because ____________

A. A big egg was lying there

B. A giant bird flew over Sindbad’s head

C. Merchants were throwing meat

D. It was about to rain heavily

22. Sindbad got money from the voyage by ___________

A. Selling all his provisions

B. Robbing the ship of the merchants

C. Taking diamonds from the valley

D. Finding money in the eagle’s nest.

23. “Riches speedily take to themselves wings if managed badly” means _____________

A. Money goes very quickly if you are not careful

B. A rich man is like a bird with wings, it can fly away

C. Working hard your whole life to be rich wastes your life

D. Riches brings arrogance and pride that deceive man

24. Sindbad was left alone in the valley because ______________

A. The merchants were angry with him and refused to take him along

B. A giant bird take him in to his nest

C. He saw diamonds in the valley and got greedy

D. He went to sleep on the island and his ship went away

25. Roc was an / a _________________

A. Enormous legendary bird

B. Huge mythical snake

C. Gigantic egg of a bird

D. Massive sized diamond

26. Plural of party is _________

A. Partys

B. Partyes

C. Parties

D. None of these

27. Plural of village is _____________

A. Villagies

B. Villagyes

C. Villages

D. None of these

28. The "bread" my mother prepares is delicious.

A. Abstract noun

B. Proper noun

C. Countable noun

D. Uncountable noun

29. He gave me a "bunch" of grapes.

A. Common noun

B. Proper noun

C. Collective noun

D. Abstract noun

30. We cannot live without "water".

A. Proper noun

B. Abstract noun

C. Common noun

D. Collective noun

31. I sold all my _____________ goods by public auction.

A. Stationary

B. Food

C. Household

D. None of these

32. I ran here and there in _____________

A. Curiosity

B. Despair

C. Confused

D. Thinking

33. I climbed a tall tree and __________ towards the sea.

A. Watched

B. Glanced

C. Looked

D. Saw

34. I __________ round about it seeking some opening, but there was none.

A. Ran

B. Walked

C. Looked

D. Roam

35. By this time the ____________ was near setting.

A. Moon

B. Sun

C. Star

D. Planet

36. Taking off my _________ I tied myself securely to it.

A. Handkerchief

B. Bed sheet

C. Turban

D. Shirt

37. The valley in which I found myself was _______ and narrow.

A. Small

B. Shallow

C. Green

D. Deep

38. As I wondered about, seeking anxiously for some means of escaping from this trap, I observed that the ground was covered with ____________

A. Gold

B. Diamond

C. Corn

D. Chips

39. I saw number of horrible ________.

A. Ghosts

B. Animals

C. Snakes

D. Birds

40. All day long I wondered up and down the __________

A. Town

B. City

C. Valley

D. State