English Class 8th

301. Come ___ with me.

A. Home

B. Over

C. Into the store

D. Out the store

303. Ibn-e-Sina was born in ______ AD at Afsana near Bukhara.

A. 980

B. 950

C. 940

D. 930

304. Ibn-e-Sina died in Hamdan in ________ AD.

A. 1050

B. 1047

C. 1030

D. 1020

305. The rule of Bukhara was?

A. Al Mansure

B. Nuh bin Mansur Samani

C. Sina

D. None

306. Ibn-e-Sina’ famous work is in the field of?

A. Philosophy

B. Medicine

C. Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

D. None

307. His famous Book al-Qanun was translated in _______ towards the end of 12th century.

A. Latin

B. Arabic

C. Greek

D. English

308. Who for the first time detected the contagious nature of TB?

A. Jabir Bin Hayan

B. Ibn-e-Sina

C. Al Khawarizmi

D. None

309. Kitab-Al-Shifa is ________ work of Sina.

A. Scientific

B. Religious

C. Philosophical

D. None

310. Feather to cap means?

A. An achievement to be proud of

B. Bird

C. Cap

D. None

311. Metaphysics deals with the nature of

A. Truth

B. Existence

C. Knowledge

D. All of these

312. Graphic means

A. Very clear especially about something unpleasant.

B. Related to math

C. None

313. Contagious means?

A. Disease

B. Disease that can spreaD

C. Conjugal

D. None

314. “The Kingfisher” is written by?

A. Carney

B. Chaucer

C. Hamilton

D. William Henry Davies

315. Haunt means?

A. Hunt

B. Place visited frequently by a person

C. Hunter

D. None

316. Hues mean?

A. Point

B. Cry

C. A color

D. None

317. Bough means?

A. Yeast

B. A large branch of tree

C. Glorious

D. None

318. Vain means?

A. Vein

B. Arteries

C. That doesn’t produce result

D. None

319. Sigh means?

A. Relief

B. Deep breath

C. Sight

D. None

320. Bosom means?

A. Bloom

B. With people you love

C. Blossom

D. None