English Class 8th

321. The rainbow gave all the lovely_______ to the kingfisher

A. Hues

B. Food

C. Trees

D. None

322. The King fisher lives on?

A. Tress

B. Ponds

C. Parks

D. Bough

323. Lawns are smooth as ______.

A. Shining glass

B. Bough

C. Trees

D. Grasses

324. The kingfisher _______ its wings.

A. Clap

B. Flip

C. Haunt

D. None

325. The Kingfisher is neither proud nor ______.

A. Vain

B. Proud

C. Ambitious

D. None

326. The Kingfisher loves ____ place.

A. Noisy

B. Quiet

C. Trees

D. None

327. Common point between poet and Kingfisher is ______.

A. Quiet place

B. Trees

C. Greenery

328. Lake Saiful Malook is ______ Km away from Naran. A

A. 10

B. 12

C. 9

D. None 

329. Marvellous means?

A. Bad

B. Extremely Good

C. Worst

D. None

330. Majestic means?

A. Impressive because of beauty and size

B. Bad shape

C. Pompous

D. None

331. Deft means?

A. Unskilled

B. Skillful

C. Expert

D. Idiot

332. Terrain means?

A. Mentioning natural features of an area

B. Train

C. Car

D. None

333. Check out means?

A. Search

B. Paying out bill and Leaving

C. To look

D. None

334. I hope this letter finds you in good health and lots of happiness. Finds you means?

A. The time when letter discovers you’re in good health

B. Arrival of letter at a time when you’re in good health

C. the time letter looks at you in good health

D. None

335. The noisy river Kunar passes through city of Balakot. Noisy river refers to?

A. Talkative and lively river

B. Loud and fast flowing river

C. Slow and gently flowing river

D. Unhurried and smoothly flowing river

337. The taste of food was marvelous and mouth watering. Mouth-watering is?

A. Hyphenated compound adjective

B. Hyphenated compound noun

C. Hyphenated compound verb

D. Hyphenated compound adverb

338. Lake Saif ul Malook provides marvellous view of?

A. Malika Parbat

B. Mount K-2

C. Mount Everest

D. Malam Jabba

339. Motel means?

A. Hotel

B. Lodging establishment 

C. Parking

D. None

340. Fauna means?

A. Animals of an area

B. Plants of an area

C. None