English Class 8th

381. Dump means?

A. To waste

B. To get rid of unwanted thing

C. Bury

D. None

382. Provoke means?

A. To awake

B. Sleep

C. To stir up purposely

D. None

383. Blazing means?

A. Cold

B. Extremely hot

C. Watering

D. None

384. Inflict means?

A. Affect

B. To make somebody suffer

C. Effect

D. None 

385. Crutches mean?

A. Means of support

B. Clutches

C. Wheel chair

D. None

386. Receptacle means

 A. A container for putting something in

B. Reception

C. Perception

387. Considerate means?

A. Thoughtful of the rights and feelings of others

B. Careless

C. Cruel

388. Etiquette means?

A. Manners

B. Ways

C. Path

D. None

389. . Aisle means?

A. A passage separating sections of seats

B. Island

C. Sea

D. None

391. Good manners have been developed?

A. To give people more rules to learn

B. For no good reason

C. Because people are mean

D. To make living together easier