English Class 8th

42. The merchants would scare the ________ away and secure the treasure.

A. Sindbad

B. Villagers

C. Eagles

D. Snakes

43. Sindbad had an idea and he began by _____________ up all the largest diamonds.

A. Gathering

B. Picking

C. Collecting

D. Fixing

44. Immense means ___________

A. Small

B. Extremely large

C. Big

D. A little

45. Marvellous means ____________

A. Beautiful

B. Wonderful

C. Great

D. Bad

46. Some "policemen" are organizing road traffic to avoid any accidents.

A. Material noun

B. Abstract noun

C. Countable noun

D. Collective noun

47. Puzzled means ___________

A. Thought

B. Confused

C. Fake

D. none of these

48. Before we left I ___________ one of my diamonds for much goodly merchandise by which I profited greatly on our homeward way.

A. Exchanged

B. Diverted

C. Gave

D. Donated

49. A word that describes a noun or pronoun is __________

A. Proper noun

B. Adverb

C. Adjective

D. None of these

50. Swiftly means ___________

A. Slowly

B. Greatly

C. Quickly

D. None of these

51. My best friend has been a companion to me for five years. ( In this sentence, the word companion means___________________)

A. Mother

B. Friend

C. Brother

D. Father

52. I meandered through the woods and did not win the race. (In this sentence, the meandered means _______________)

A. Jogged

B. Ran

C. Hurried

D. Wandered

53. In the pirate story, there were the good guys against the buccaneers. (In this sentence, the word buccaneers means __________________)

A. Actors

B. Helpers

C. Students

D. Pirates

54. If you don’t conquer your fears, they will beat you. (In this sentence, the word conquer means __________________)

A. Talk about

B. Lose

C. Win

D. Love

55. The good guy in the story was strong and kind, unlike the villain. (In this sentence, the word villain means ___________________)

A. Super hero

B. Friend

C. Bad guy

D. Hero

56. The "desk’s edge" is very sharp and pointed. Underlined word is a ____________

A. Common noun

B. Inanimate noun

C. Possessive noun

D. Abstract noun

58. Maria was listening to her teacher talking about the devastating floods of July 2010 and august 2013 in _______________

A. Iran

B. America

C. Pakistan

D. China

59. ____________ rains were the chief cause of the devastating floods of 2010

A. Heavy

B. Light

C. Thunder

D. Monsoon

60. The word unfettered means __________.

A. Allowed

B. restricted

C. clear